Cricut Maker Blades: Everything You NEED to Know

With so many different Cricut Machines and Cricut tools and accessories on the market, it can be really hard to figure out which blade or tools work with which machine.

So we wanted to take the guesswork and research out of trying to work out which blades will work with the Cricut Maker machine.

In this post, you will find all 6 Cricut Maker blades that you can safely use in the Maker cutting machine.

I will also let you know which of these blades you will get with the machine so that you know whether you should be buying a housing for the blade or not.

You might also find benefit out of reading through our blades for Cricut Machine post where we share helpful info on how to store, replace and look after your blades as well.

Cricut Maker Blades

Blades for Cricut Machines

Find below 6 blades for Cricut Maker Machines. 

1. Fine Point Blade

Cricut Standard Blade

The Premium Fine-Point Blade is also known as the Cricut standard blade (and as the Cricut German Carbide Premium blade).

The Cricut Maker will come with both the fine point blade as well as the housing for it, so you would only need to purchase replacement blades as you need them.

What to use the fine point blade for:

This blade is used to make the most intricate cuts in a variety of thin to medium-weight material. You will most likely use this blade for most of your projects. Use it to cut heat transfer vinyl, adhesive vinyl, regular cardstock, paper, and more.

I love to have replacement blades on stand-by for the housing, so that I am always ready to create away.

You can find replacement Premium Fine Point Blades here.

2. Cricut Maker Rotary Blade

Cricut Rotary Blade Kit

The Cricut Maker Rotary Blade has the nifty ability to cut fabric with absolute precision. This blade works with a gliding, rolling action and the unique blade can slice through virtually any fabric.

The beauty of this blade is that you won’t need to use any backing on your fabric – hooray!

Use this blade to cut your cotton, fleece, poly blends, denim, felt, canvas, and more! Here are some fabulous tips on how to cut fabric with your Cricut Maker.

Find a list of some fabulous fabric projects to make with the Cricut Maker here.

Your Cricut Maker will come with the Cricut Rotary Blade and the Housing for it, so you will only need to purchase replacement blades when needed.

You can find replacement Rotary Blades here.

3. Cricut Maker Knife Blade


Do you want to work with REALLY thick material? The Cricut Knife Blade is an extra-deep blade that can slice through dense material that is up to 2.5 mm in thickness.

It is perfect for cutting material such as balsa wood, matboard, and chipboard.

Tip: This blade will struggle with intricate designs, so keep your designs simple to moderate in detail for the best results.

Click here to grab some essential tips on things you should know before you start using the Knife Blade.

The Cricut Maker doesn’t come with the knife blade. You will need to purchase both the blade as well as the housing online.

Grab the Knife Blade with housing here or replacement Knife Blades here.

4. Cricut Scoring Wheel and Double Scoring Wheel

Cricut scoring_wheel_combo_pack_1

This one isn’t really a blade, as it doesn’t cut through materials, but instead, it creates a scored lines which is perfect for folding purposes.

The scoring wheel comes with two tips: Single and Double. You will use the single scoring wheel for light materials such as cardstock and the double scoring wheel is perfect for thicker material such as cardboard.

You will loving having this on hand if you work with cards, boxes and 3D designs that need to be folded.

You can find the Cricut scoring wheel here.

5. Cricut Maker Deep Cut Blade

Cricut deep-cut-blades-and-housing

Whilst the Cricut Deep Point Blade does fit in the Cricut Maker, I think it is a complete waste of money. Instead, I would suggest you purchase the Knife Blade instead as you can cut through the same material, plus much thicker materials with that blade.

The Deep Cut Blade has been designed to cut harder and thicker materials and it is the go-to blade for the older Cricut machines. The type of material it can cut includes cork board, chipboard, thick cardstock, craft foam, cardboard, foil, magnet, stiffened felt, and more.

Tip: The Deep Cut Blade is NOT included with the Cricut Machines. You will need to purchase this one additionally. You will also need to purchase the Deep Cut Blade housing.

Grab the Cricut Deep Cut Blade with housing here or replacement Deep Cut Blades here.

6. Cricut Bonded Fabric Blade

Cricut bonded_fabric_blade_housing_1

I really love the Cricut Rotary Blade for cutting fabric, but if you love cutting applique out of fabric with an applied backer material, then you will need the Bonded Fabric Blade.

What is bonded fabric?

Bonded fabric is basically two pieces of fabric that have bonded or joined together.

Tip: The Bonded Fabric Blade is NOT included with the Cricut Machines. You will need to purchase this one additionally. You will also need to purchase the Bonded Fabric Blade housing.

Grab the Bonded Fabric Blade with housing here or replacement Bonded Fabric Blades here.

I hope that you have a really good understanding of your Cricut Maker Blades now.

Your Cricut Maker Box will Include both the Cricut Fine-Point Blade and housing, as well as your Cricut Rotary Blade with housing.

You will need to purchase the Cricut Knife Blade, Cricut Scoring Wheels, Cricut Deep-Cut Blade and Cricut Bonded Fabric Blade if you wish to have them on-hand and ready to go.

The type of blade you will need will greatly depend on the sort of Cricut projects you love to create.

Grab more information on to install your Cricut Maker blades on here.

As a last tip, if you haven’t purchased your Cricut Maker yet, I highly recommend that you look at investing in one of these great value Cricut Maker Bundle Deals.

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