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After some Christmas Scrapbook layout ideas? We hear you! We find Christmas scrapbook pages the hardest to create.

So to give you a bit of a creative boost, we wanted to share these 8 beautiful Christmas scrapbook ideas.

Our designer, Jolene, has completely outdone herself. Luckily she has some beautiful subjects to work with as well.

So without further ado, here are 9 Christmas scrapbook page layout ideas.

8 Festive Christmas Scrapbook Layouts

Here are some of our favorite Christmas scrapbook layouts so you can whip up your Christmas scrapbook album in no time!

If you can't find the same papers, it will be a good idea to look at the layout as a template and just recreate it with what you have on hand.

1. Early Christmas Photos

Scrapbook Christmas Layout Ideas

Scrapbooking Christmas layouts before Christmas has even arrived? Yes well, so did Jolene!

She found these two matching Christmas dresses in a cheap shop and she couldn't help but grab some photos and whip up a layout. Early – yes, one month early to be exact!

The interesting effects here? 

Grab an embossed cardstock (like this gorgeous set) for the base and simply lightly rub over some ink to help make the embossing stand out more.

You can also emboss your own cardstock if you have a large embossing machine. You can find one that will suit your needs by reading through our embossing machine reviews.

Tear some paper instead of cutting it to give it a creative border.

Make sure your title laps over both the background and the photos. This will help bind your photos into the design (rather than them feeling like they were simply placed on top).

Use an electric die cut machine to cut out some beautiful delicate vine/leave die cuts for you. So much cheaper when you use a Scrapbook Die Cut Machine than buying them from the shops.

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2. My Christmas Wish for You

christmas scrapbook ideas

Do you know that corny Christmas hat that you bought for the kids? Why not pop it on. Set your camera on a timer and get a photo of yourself for a change?

We love this layered Christmas page that Jolene created here. This time she created some flowers out of heart shapes. And she used up some leftover letters, by using different types for parts of the title.

Speaking of titles. Did you know that we have a massive list of catchy Christmas titles for those scrapbook pages of yours?

3. Too Cute

Christmas scrapbook ideas of children

This layout is a bit different and we love it!

For an interesting background effect, why not pop a paper doily over some cardstock and simply use some ink spray to lightly spray over the top. It reminds me of ‘magic dust' – perfect for a Christmas layout.

Use some patterned paper to create the tree and a stamp for the basket. You can use your paper cutter and a border punch to easily whip it up.

You can also create your own muslin flowers. For the tutorial on how to do that, click here.

Last tip? Don't always feel stuck in using standard-size photos. Here Jolene cut down her portrait photos to get rid of distracting background – I feel like it tells the story so much better this way!

4. Trimming the {Pink} Tree

trimming the tree Christmas scrapbook ideas

After some double layout inspiration?

We know that these are usually a lot harder to pull off. Jolene decided to do a Christmas tree across the center in order to bind these two pages as ‘one'.

A collage of all of the photos filled up most of the space and to finish it off she simply cut out some scallop circles with her Cricut Joy.

Snip down each scallop towards the center, ruffle up the ‘petals' to separate them a bit, and simply pop a brad in the center to finish it off.

5. Xmas Lollipop

Xmas Lollipop scrapbook ideas for christmas banner

We won't go into too much detail about this layout, because we actually have a full step-by-step tutorial on this layout on our blog.

6. She Loves to Read

xmas scrapbook cover layout

Scrapbook layouts for Christmas can be simple and still be striking! The power of this layout comes from a die-cut shaped patterned paper.

All Jolene did was outline the paper with a white pen (just to set it apart from the background cardstock).

She added her photo and her sticker title. To finish off the page, she stamped out some leaves, which she used to create her layered flower design. Simple, easy, but beautiful!

7. Winter Wonderland

Winter wonderland scrapbook banner

Want to try out some embossing? This gorgeous layout features its own embossed title – it kinda makes it look like a chalkboard style title doesn't it!

This is the perfect layout for those who will experience a snowy white Christmas this year! Find the full tutorial here.

8. Xmas Shoot

Xmas Photo shoot scrapbook banner

Love a bit more of a messy look? This layout has made good use of red paint to really highlight and bring out the red Santa hat in the photo. Add some felt letters to soften it all up and bring it all together.

This is a great layout if you have loads of embellishments just waiting to be used.

We hope you enjoyed all these beautiful scrapbook Christmas pages. We have given you 8 fun ideas on how to whip up these scrapbooking layouts for Christmas. You will have your album together in no time at all!

We wish you all the best for Christmas this year!

Please share your beautiful Christmas scrapbook page ideas with us by leaving us a comment below.

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