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Are you trying to find the best die cutting machine 2024 has on offer?  

As a professional scrapbooker that has been on many popular brand designs teams as well as published in various scrapbooking magazines; I know how truly beneficial a really good die cutter machine can be!

Sizzix Big Shot Cutting

I also know that scrapbooking and other paper craft hobbies happen to be a pretty expensive. So it is important that you find the best die cut machine for the money that you know will last you for many years to come.

So without further ado, here is the best die cut machines 2024 buyers guide where we compare cutting machines; together with the top 10 die cutting machines reviews!

Die Cut Machine Comparison Guide & Our Die Cutting Machine Reviews 2024

In this craft die cutting machines buying guide, we suggest you check out our comparison chart of the best die cutting machines and then read our vinyl cutter machine reviews of the machines that best suit your requirements. 

We love playing with the newest and latest machines, so you can rest assured that we have the best die cutter machines 2024 has to offer! You can find both hobby as well as professional die cutting machines below.

Our Die Cutting Machine Comparisons Chart

So what is the best craft cutting machine in 2024? Below we compare die cutting machines in a chart as a quick overview of all the top die cutting machines which are mentioned in this article.

You can then read my reviews below to help you figure out which machine would be best for you and your craft.







Docking Slot Explore 3
Bets Electronic Die Cutting Machine


Cuts 100+ materials, from thin vinyl to thick leather, metal & foam

Die Cutting from Images (not dies)


best die cutter the Silhouette Cameo 4


Cuts 100+ materials.

Die Cutting from Images (not dies)


Sizzix Big Shot Plus Starter Kit
Best die cutting machine for Beginner


Cuts paper, cardstock, felt, foam, leather, fabric, flexible magnet and craft metal

Die Cutting from Dies and Embossing


Cricut Maker 3
electronic die cut machine for schools


Cuts 300+ materials, from thin fabric to thick leather, metal & foam

Die Cutting from Images (not dies)


Sizzix Tim Holtz Vagabond 2 Electric Die Cutting Machine


Variety of materials including tissue paper, foils, cardstocks,  acetate ribbon, and thin leather

Die Cutting from Dies and Embossing


Gemini by Crafter's Companion Machine: best die cutting machine for beginners


Heavyweight cardstock, vinyl, foil and multiple layers of fabric

Die Cutting from Dies and Embossing


Silhouette Portrait 3


Over 100+ types, incl. paper, cardstock, vinyl, fabric, chipboard, heat transfer material & rhinestone template material.

Die Cutting from Images (not dies)


Bira Die Cutter


Cuts paper and cardstock.

Die Cutting from Dies and Embossing


Bigshot machine : compare die cutting machines


Cuts paper, cardstock, felt, foam, leather, fabric, flexible magnet and craft metal

Die Cutting from Dies and Embossing


Spellbinders Cie Cutting Machine


Cuts up to eight layers of most materials in a single pass

Die Cutting from Dies

and Embossing 


What is the Best Cutting Machine of 2024?

The Best Professional Die Cut Machine is the Cricut Explore 3!

The Cricut Explore 3 is one of the newest Cricut machine and is also one of the newest releases amongst the die cutting machines. It truly offers some impressive features together with brilliant technology!

It offers lighting-fast speed and intricate precision cutting. This is a brilliant electric die cutting machine that really has impressed us!

The Cricut Explore 3 machine can cut over 100+ materials from thin fabric such as silk to 2.4mm thick material (if you purchase the Knife Blade).  

We also love how intuitive this machine is; so much so that you don't need to do any guessing when it comes to settings. The Explore 3 can automatically calculate and calibrate the correct cutting force on your materials!

It is the best electronic cutting machine to buy this year. And it is also our recommended electronic die cut machine for schools.

What is the Best Cheap Die Cutting Machine?

The Best Cheap Die Cut Machine of 2024 is the Sizzix Big Shot!

Sizzix Big Shot Die Cutting Machine

The Sizzix BigShot machine has been around for many years, but yet it is still one of the favorites due to its small portable size as well as its super cheap price tag.

It is important to note that the Sizzix Cutter is crank operated and that it work with dies and embossing folders. It also has a max cutting width of 6". For most scrapbookers and card-makers these points won't be much of an issue as the size is large enough to make accents and embellishments.  

Overall, if this is all you can afford, it is a really nifty machine that can make it so much cheaper to make your own embellishments rather than buying expensive pre-made ones.  

We do love this machine and reckon it is the best paper cutting machine (but just don't try to cut anything thicker than cardstock!)

What is the Best Die Cutting Machine for Beginners?

The Best Die Cut Machine for Beginners is the Sizzix Big Shot (Manual) or the Cricut Explore 3 (Electronic)

There are two machines that we highly recommend for beginners. It really depends on whether you are after a machine that can cut dies or if you are after a machine that can print and cut any custom die cut.

The Manual Operated Big Shot Die Cutter

Sizzix Big Shot Die Cutting Machine

For those who don't mind a manual machine and that wish to work with die cut dies and embossing folders, the best machine is the Sizzix machine. The machine is super easy and straightforward to use.  

The Electronic Cricut Explore 3 Die Cutter

For those who love the ability to create die cuts from custom images, we highly recommend the Cricut Explore 3. The machine is brilliant for beginners as it is super easy to use.

It comes with a great range of ready-to-go images and it also has a very affordable price tag on it. It is electronic, so it takes away the effort of having to work with a crank.

It can cut over 100+ material and it offer professional precise cutting. It is important to note that this machine can't emboss.

The Explore 3 Cutter is faster than the previous model Explore Air 2 and can still make beautiful intricate precise cuts. It can now also cut without a mat and up to 12 feet in length!

You can also save loads of money by purchasing a value Cricut Explore 3 bundle.

What is the Best Fabric Die Cutter Machine?

The Best Fabric Die Cutting Machine of 2024 is the Cricut Maker 3

The Cricut Maker 3 was released in June 2021. It offers some of the best features and technology for those who wish to cut fabric. 

It uses a Rotary Blade that can create clean and precise cuts from sewing patterns. This blade can be used on fabric without the need for backing, spray starch or Terial Magic. It can cut straight lines, right angles or curves and deliver fabric cuts without tearing or snagging.

The machine can cut over 300+ materials from thin fabric such as silk to 2.4mm thick material (if you purchase the Knife Blade).  

Cricut has teamed up with Simplicity patterns and Riley Blake Designs to bring you ready-to-make projects that come free with the Cricut Maker. 

You can choose to use one of the free sewing patterns available on the library or you could choose to purchase patterns as they are released. You can also upload your own patterns to Cricut Design Space software.

It is a totally innovative and powerful machine. It offers lighting-fast speed and intricate precision cutting. 

It will streamline your sewing process and speed up the boring aspect of cutting out your panels for your sewing project. You can see how this machine compares with other fabric cutters in our fabric cutter machine guide.

So clever! We love this machine!

Take a Moment ...

Before we head into the official buyers guide; I figured it might be useful for you to take a moment and figure out the answers to the following questions.  

Your answers will determine which of the machines is THE ONE for you!

  1. Are you after a manual or automatic die cutting machine?
  2. What is your main purpose for the machine?  Are you after a die cut sticker machine? Do you want a vinyl die cut machine? Or are you after a combo die cutting and embossing machine?
  3. Do you have limited space or is the size of the machine not an issue?
  4. What is your budget for the machine?
  5. Are you after a portable machine that you can easily take to crafting workshops or retreats?
  6. Are you after a machine that can use embossing folders and die cut dies or do you wish to cut dies from images?

The machines listed below all have a different feature, so it is important to answer these questions before you read the reviews down below.

Even just going on to Amazon and buying the top rated machine is not necessarily the best option as it might not offer the features that you are specifically chasing! 

Reasons why you Should Buy a Craft Die Cutting Machine

In 2024 cutting machine for crafts and for commercial use are designed to be incredibly versatile.

Find below a list of crafting ideas that you can create using a die cutting machine! The ideas are endless and these are only a small list of crafty ideas:

  • die cut stickers
  • business cards 
  • bags 
  • boxes 
  • decals 
  • labels 
  • cards 
  • fabric shapes
  • vinyl designs
  • paper die cuts &
  • embellishments

Top 10 Best Die Cut Machine Reviews

Below you will find the best die cut machines for crafting. We will have a close look at a top die cutter machine for paper, fabric, cardstock and other materials.  

I will outline the top features, the pros and cons of each in detailed die cutter reviews, which should help you choose the best die cut machine 2024 has on offer for your home. 

1. Cricut Explore 3 Review (Most Popular In Our Community)

Explore 3 Matless Cutting

The Cricut Explore 3 is one of the top Cricut die cut machines. This Cricut die cutting machine is also our top pick as the best electronic die cutter for beginners. 

Just like the two machines after this one, it has the ability to cut a massive range of materials. The maximum cutting width of this Cricut cutter Machine is 12" wide by 24", which is large enough for any hobbyist or beginner crafter when using a mat.  When using Smart Materials you can cut to a maximum size of 13" x 12'. 

It can also print and cut on white and coloured paper which is a great feature for those who love to make stickers.

It doesn't emboss and it can't work with dies, but it can cut any image that you select for the library on the software or from your own creations.


  • Built-in Bluetooth connectivity
  • Faster Precision Cutting
  • Extra Features such as Scoring, Cricut Pen for Handwritten effects and Download Fonts from your Computer to use!
  • Cuts over 100+ Materials; from Thin Vinyl to Thick Leather
  • Design your own Art Work to Use


  • The Machine has a premium price tag


The Explore 3 is a very popular, top rated desktop cutter machine. It is electronic but it is still small and light enough to take along to craft workshops or retreats.

It is the best Cricut machine for beginners; a machine that makes it super easy to turn your ideas into professional-quality projects. 

If you don't mind the fact that it doesn't emboss, this machine is truly the best die cut money machine for the money!


2. Cricut Maker 3 Review 

Cricut Maker 3 Review

A new Cricut die cut machine is out! The Cricut Maker 3 is incredibly versatile! It can cut even more material than the Explore 3 and offers more strength and even more precise cutting.

This machine is an electronic die cut machine and has the ability to work from ready-to-go images and sewing patterns. You can also send your own choice of images to the machine to cut.

The maximum cutting width of this Cricut cutter Machine is 12" wide by 24", which is large enough for any hobbyist or beginner crafter when using a mat.  When using Smart Materials you can cut to a maximum size of 13" x 12'. 

It can also print and cut on white and colored paper which is a great feature for those who love to make stickers.

This machine is a brilliant buy and happens to be the top personal die cut machine on the market in 2024!


  • Wireless & Tablet Docking Station
  • Can cut a range of material from the thinnest fabric to thick balsa wood
  • You can cut sewing patterns with it  
  • The adaptive tool system that automatically calculates your force according to the material you are using


  • Bigger learning curve to get to know machine

    The Cricut Maker 3 is one of the newest cutting machines on the market. It has mostly been created to fill in the gap as one of the most impressive fabric die cutting machines, but it also has the ability to cut over 300+ other material as well.  

    Sewist will be thrilled to know that this machine can cut out their sewing patterns for them. Whilst other crafters will enjoy the fact that the machine can cut material up to 2.4mm in thickness.

    You can either purchase the Cricut Maker 3 Machine by itself or you might like to invest in the Cricut Maker 3 bundle deal which will save you money if you are starting out!


    3. Silhouette Cameo 4 Review

    Silhouette Cameo 4

    The Silhouette Cameo 4 is the ultimate DIY cutting machine. It can work over 100+ material! If you invest in the new Kraft Blade you will also be able to cut thicker materials like acetate, craft foam, and burlap.

    The Silhouette die cut machine is brilliant for those who want a die cutting machine that can cut material up to 12" by 10 feet in length.  

    You can send any image you want to the machine and the machine can draw and then cut the image out for you. We love our Cameo 4!


    • Bluetooth Vinyl Cutter
    • Easy to use 
    • The AutoBlade is definitely a selling point
    • Can cut without the use of the mat
    • Can cut 100+ Material


    • Customer support is frustrating to use!
    • Can't emboss


    This new and updated Cameo Cutting Machine is in our opinion one of the best electronic die cutting machines on the market in 2024. It has also recently been released in a range of beautiful colors.

    The Cameo 4 a great machine as it offers a larger cutting surface. We also love that it can handle so many different materials.  

    Please note that this machine works with electronic images from either the internet or from your computer, tablet or iPhone and is not compatible with dies. We love the Cameo 4, it is one of our favorite machines!


    4. Sizzix Big Shot Die Cutting Machine Review

    Sizzix Big Shot Cutting

    The Sizzix Big Shot Machine is the best die cut machine that is specifically designed for card-makers, scrapbook addicts as well as quilters. 

    If you are a crafter you have surely heard about this popular Sizzix die cut machine. 

    We absolutely love the modern, clean and sleek new look of the Big Shot!  

    The Big Shot die cut machine works with a crank, but the positive is that it is very portable to take to crafting events. In fact, they just released the Sizzix Foldaway, which folds up and is easier to carry around. 

    Sizzix Big Shot Foldaway

    It is brilliant with both die cutting and embossing and can handle all sorts of materials from paper, vellum, fabric, chipboard, and cork.  


    • Small and portable to take along with you
    • Can cut using dies and emboss with embossing folders
    • Very powerful crank feature that can cut through multiple layers of material
    • Super modern and sleek look


    • Manual crank operation
    • Limited capabilities, mostly used for cutting with dies and embossing with folders
    • Extra costs involved when purchasing dies and embossing folders


    The Sizzix 660425 Big Shot is by far the best manual die cutting machine on the market in 2024! If you are after an affordable machine that is small enough to cart around, and you don't mind the labor of the crank, then this is the one for you!  

    We love that it is a combination die cut embossing machine. It has a great ability to work with various types of materials, including various types of vinyl. A hot favorite by a brand that we all trust and love!


    5. Sizzix Big Shot Plus Die Cutting Machine Review

    In most ways the Sizzix Big Shot Plus is similar to the Sizzix Big Shot; essentially the machine is just giving you a larger cutting space (can cut up to 8.5 x 11") to work with.  

    It is a really popular combo die cutting embossing machine and it has the ability to cut and emboss all sorts of materials from paper, vellum, fabric, chipboard, and cork.

    It is still lightweight and portable and it also still features a crank mechanism.


    • Small and portable to take along with you
    • Can cut using stencils and can emboss
    • Very powerful crank feature that can cut through multiple layers of material
    • Has a gorgeous modern sleek new look


    • Has a crank instead of an electronic feature
    • Limited capabilities, mostly used for cutting with dies and embossing with folders
    • Extra costs involved when purchasing dies and embossing folders


    This machine is perfect for those who are after a great die cut and embossing vinyl machine! The Big Shot Plus offers a wider cutting width than its little brother the Big Shot.  

    It is a brilliant machine for those who love to enjoy their craft with groups and friends, due to its lightweight and portable features. You might even wish to purchase the whole Sizzix Big Shot Plus Starter Kit!

    Sizzix Big Shot Plus

    I guess your main problems will be which dies and embossing folders to purchase with these scrapbook cutting machines!  


    6. Silhouette Portrait 3 Review

    Silhouette Portrait 3 Review

    The Silhouette Portrait 3 machine is another great choice as an electric die cutter machine! This is our go-to machine when we want to make a custom die cut sticker or die cut vinyl decal.  

    The Portrait is small and compact and has a very reasonable price tag on it.

    The Silhouette Portrait 3 cutting machine is best suited to entry-level hobbyist cutters who love creating one-of-a-kind cards, stickers, small signage, decals, scrapbook pages & elements and so much more!

    The relatively compact, lightweight and highly portable Portrait 3 measures 18 (W) x 8 (D) x 9” (H) and weighs 3.5 lbs. This cutter is perfect for cutting materials up to 8 inches wide and up to 60 feet long. 

    The Portrait 3 excels in connectivity options. It can work with all the currently supported versions of Windows and Mac OS.

    Additionally, you can connect it to iOS and Android devices via Bluetooth and control the cutting process remotely. You can also connect it to your Silhouette Cloud account as one of your 5 devices.

    In terms of materials, Portrait 3 can work with paper, transparencies, vellum, cardstock, vinyl, fabric, magnet paper, and heat transfer material.


    • A great die cutting machine for paper
    • A great machine for stickers
    • Really easy to set up, install and start cutting away.
    • it is small and portable
    • Pretty cheap for what you get


    • Can't do embossing
    • Max cutting size of 8″ can be a be a bit limiting


    The Silhouette Portrait 3 Die Cutting machine is brilliant for those who wish they could afford the Cameo but just can't reach the dollar price!  

    It is one of the top scrapbook die cut machines as it can cut a large variety of thinner material such as paper and cardstock. It is also a great machine for making stickers.

    If you are after an electronic cutter with a cheap price tag, then this is the one for you!


    7. Bira Die Cutter Review

    Bria Die Cutting Machine

    The Bira Die Cutter is a super compact machine for those who want to cut paper and cardstock but may be limited on space when crafting.

    Not only is the Bira Die Cutter small in size with a 3" cutting width but it can also emboss which makes it a great addition to any craft room.

    It has a suction cup on the bottom of the machine which means that you can secure it to the table when you craft to avoid the machine from moving when rolling the cutting plates through the machine. 

    This die cutting machine also works with all leading brand acid etched dies and embossing folders.

    The Bira die cut machine is so simple to use, compact and lightweight and offers great value for money for those who are just starting out with die cutting and embossing machines. 


    • Lightweight
    • Compact
    • Easy to Use
    • Compatible with of brand dies and embossing folders
    • Can cut and emboss


    • For some the size of the machine may be limiting


    The Bira Die Cutter & Embossing machine is a great beginner machine as it is affordable and not only cuts but embossers as well.

    It doesn't allow much scope for large projects or different types of materials as you are limited to the small cutting width of 3".  It can also only cut paper and thin card stock.

    Not one of our favorite machines, but if you do not want to spend too much and are only going to cut and emboss small projects, then this is your only choice.


    8. Gemini by Crafter's Companion Machine Review

    Gemini Electric Die Cutting & Embossing Machine

    The Gemini by Crafter's Compaion Machine is one of the select few electric die cutting and embossing machines on the market.  

    Most electronic die cutting machines don't have the functionality to emboss, so this is a great midway point for crafters who would love the ease of an electronic machine whilst still being able to cut (with dies) and emboss (with embossing folders).

    They come in 3 different sizes, but our preferred cutter has a large platform size of 9" x 12.5", which is very reasonable for a machine that uses dies and folders. 


    • Really quiet digital die cutting machine
    • Everything you will need to get started is in the box, including some dies
    • It supports third party dies and embossing folders
    • Due to its power and force, it can cut intricate dies with ease
    • Can cut cardstock, vinyl, foil and multiple layers of fabric


    • Whilst the machine is small, it is on the heavy side which makes it tricky to port around.
    • Slightly more expensive that we think it should be.


    The Gemini Die Cutting & Embossing Machine is a brilliant electronic die cutting machine for paper crafters.

    If you love working with dies and embossing folders and you can reach the price tag, then you will surely be happy with this sleek and modern little cutter!  

    It is quiet, but powerful and creates beautiful die cuts.


    9. Tim Holtz Vagabond 2 Die Cutter Review

    Tim Holtz Vagabond 2 Die Cutter

    The Vagabond 2 Die Cutting Machine is one of our favorite card-making and scrapbooking die cut machines. The machine can cut up to 6" in size, and can create die cuts as well as embossing.  

    The vintage look will appeal to many, but this machine has much more power than simply its looks. It is a strong cutter and we absolutely love the fact that it is electric.

    You can also use it with the entire Sizzix range of dies and folders including Bigz, Thinlits and Framelits dies and Textured Impressions, Texture Fades and Impresslits Embossing Folders (with the exception of Bigz Plus and Bigz Pro dies).


    • It is super easy to use
    • It delivers beautiful clean cuts and brilliant embossing
    • It is electric and it can use dies and embossing folders
    • Compatible with a range of other brand dies


    • Premium price tag
    • It can only cut up to 6" in width


    The Vagabond 2 Die Cutter and Embosser is a brilliant machine for beginners and even for kids. Card-makers and scrapbookers love this machine because it so cheap. 

    It creates beautiful die cuts and we love the beautiful defined embossing that it delivers time and time again. For a lot of crafters the 6" cutting width will be all they need, however for some it might be limiting.


    10. Spellbinders Platinum Cutter Review

    Spellbinders PL-001 Platinum Cut & Emboss Machine

    The Spellbinders Platinum machine is a another fabulous die cutting and embossing machine.

    It comes in two sizes. You can either choose the machine with a standard 6" cutting width or one with a larger 8.5" cut width.

    I'm a MASSIVE fan of the Spellbinders dies and this machine delivers the same quality. Whilst it has a plastic exterior, the inside is solid steel, which means that the machine will last. 

    The Platinum machine can cut over 40 types of material of varying thickness. It also has the ability to cut up to 8 layers in a single pass. 


    • Machine folds up for storage
    • Reasonable price tag for its capabilities
    • It is super easy to use
    • It can cut up to 8 layers in one pass
    • Very solid machine


    • Slightly on the heavy side
    • Cutter takes up a fair bit of space once it is open


    The Platinum machine is a great choice for those chasing a manual die cutting machine. The machine has a solid build, which is why it can manage to cut up to 8 layers in one single pass. 

    We love the Spellbinders dies, and it is always a good idea to buy matching machine and dies where possible. This is a trusted brand by scrapbookers as well as card-makers and you won't be disappointed with your investment.


    A Concise Buying Guide

    1.  Price

    Keep in mind that you will always get what you pay for. I hope that our manual and electronic cutter reviews has helped you to identify which cutters are worth the money!

    If you are after a really basic manual die cutting machine, you easily pick one up for around $80, but if you are after a more versatile and electronic machine, you will need to be prepared that the die cutting machine price tag will be around $300-$400.

    2. Cutting Size

    What size are the die cuts you would like to create?  

    A cheap die cutter machine might only cut up to 6" in width, which is okay for labels and embellishments, but still pretty limiting.  

    Invest more money and you can buy a professional die cutter machine that can cut up to 12" in size. These are great for working with fabric or even for creating your own die cut paper for scrapbooking.

    3.  Size & Portability of the Machine

    Another important feature of a machine is whether it is portable to take along to craft workshops and retreats. If you often use a machine in a location away from an electric point, you might also prefer a crank cutter.  

    Think about how much space you have available in your craft space for the machine.

    4.  Do you Want to Cut Die Cuts from Dies or from Images?

    Think about whether you want a machine that can work with all the beautiful dies.  

    The dies come at an added expense (and a pretty expensive one too), but it does make life easier.

    Alternatively your more expensive machines can cut die cuts and stickers from any shape. You can even draw a shape yourself and send it to the machine to be cut out. Or download from the web and tell the machine to cut it.

    So clever and so much more versatile and so much cheaper in the long run as you won't need to purchase loads of extra dies.

    5.  Warranty and Support

    Have a look at how long the warranty is of the machine. Most machines have a decent lifespan and we find that most companies offer warranties around 1-3 years. It might also be important to find out if they offer support.  

    Verdict on the Best Die Cutter

    So hopefully you will have another look at our craft cutter machine reviews in our die cutting machine comparison guide above and see if you can find a suitable machine for your needs and for your budget.

    I truly believe that die cutting machines are a worthwhile investment. They can truly help to cut down costs on embellishments and designs that you would have bought, but can hand-make now.

    As a quick summary, we truly feel that the best buys are either the Sizzix Big Shot if you are after a smaller machine. Remember this machine is manual operated and works with dies and embossing folders. 

    Our other suggestion if you wish to work with electronic images (rather than dies) is the beautiful Cricut Explore 3. The machine is electric and your possibilities on what to cut and create are endless.

    Now that you have found a new die cutting machine for your office or business, why not hop over to our craft blog section. We have loads of tutorials, project examples as well as step-by-step posts on our craft website to help you.


    1. What does Die Cut Mean?

    Die cutting is the process of using a die or a custom die cut machine to trim an image to a new desired shaped. You can learn more about what a die cutting machines is here.

    2. What is a Die Cut Sticker?

    A die cut sticker is a custom made sticker that has been cut into a desired shape after the printing process. Die cut stickers are often cut around the contours to the shape of your artwork.

    These flower stickers below have been die cut so that instead of being a round or rectangle sticker with a flower on it, the sticker is now flower shaped. Click here to learn more about what die cut stickers are.

    3. How do you Make Die Cut Stickers?

    The instructions for how to make your die cut stickers will depend on your choice of die cutting machine.  

    Some machines can create die cut stickers by use of dies, whilst other machines can print and die cut your image to create a custom die cut sticker. You will need the best die cut machine in order to create die cut stickers.

    Hi, I’m Jolene! I have a whole career based on working with all different types of crafts. Some of my work has also been featured in craft magazines. I’m passionate about helping others to unlock their creative potential and turn it into something beautiful. I don’t just provide tutorials on my website, but also inspirational ideas and advice to help kickstart your creativity.