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Oracal 631 Cut Settings for Cricut, Silhouette & Brother Cutters


So you managed to get your hands on the best brand of adhesive vinyl! I love my Oracal 631 vinyl.

Before we jump into the Oracal 631 cut settings for Cricut, Silhouette, and Brother machines, let's just do a quick refresh on what Oracal 631 vinyl is used for. We will also have some helpful info on how to apply Oracal 631 vinyl as well.

Oracal 631 is a removable adhesive vinyl. This range of vinyl has a lovely matte finish and has been designed to work indoors. The vinyl has a water-based adhesive with a semi-strong adhesive so that it can be removed without damaging walls, cars, and paint-finished products.

The vinyl is brilliant because it comes in 54 colors and you can easily buy it in rolls or sheets.


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Want to know the difference between Oracal 651 vs 631, check out our guide to see how these two adhesive types of vinyl differ.

Oracal 631 Cut Settings

Find below the recommended machine cut settings for Cricut, Silhouette and Brother cutting machines:

Oracal 631 Cricut Explore Settings:

Dial Setting: Vinyl+

Blade: Fine Point Blade

Mat: Green StandardGrip Cricut Mat


Oracal 631 Cricut Maker Settings:

Material: Matte Vinyl

Blade: Fine Point Blade

Mat: Green StandardGrip Cricut Mat


Oracal 631 Silhouette Cameo Settings:

  • Material: Vinyl Matte
  • Speed: 5
  • Force: 10
  • Thickness: 5
  • Blade Setting: 1


Oracal 631 Brother Scan n Cut Settings:

  • Speed: 3
  • Pressure: 2
  • Blade: 3


Ideas on What to Use it For:

Removable Adhesive Vinyl as Wall Decal

Here is a quick list of ideas of what you can use Oracal 631 vinyl for:

  • Indoor Signs
  • Short-term sign displays
  • Temporary applications
  • Indoor Wall decals
  • Stencils
  • Decorating
  • General purpose


How to Apply Oracal 631 Correctly:

Now that you have managed to cut your vinyl, let's have a look at how to correctly apply it to your new surface:

Step 1:

Cut your vinyl according to the correct settings as soon above.

Step 2:

Weed the excess vinyl from around your image/lettering. Read more about how to weed vinyl here.

Step 3:

Apply your vinyl transfer tape. Transfer tape is used to move the vinyl from the carrier sheet to the surface.

It is SUPER important to use the right transfer tape. Remember that Oracal 631 has a water-based adhesive, which means that it has a different liner to ‘normal' vinyl, so normal transfer tape WON'T work! Another issue is the matte surface because a lot of other transfer tapes won't adhere to it properly.

We highly recommend that you use Oracal's HT55 transfer tape for your Oracal 631 vinyl.

Simply cut a piece that is slightly larger than your vinyl image. Use a scraper (I love my XL Cricut Scraper) to rub this transfer tape over your vinyl, this will smooth out the tape, remove bubbles and ensure that the vinyl is stuck on to the tape properly.

Next, carefully peel off the backing paper.

Step 4:

Lastly, adhere your vinyl design to the surface. To do so, carefully position your transfer tape onto your project. Firmly press down using a scraper.

Tip: Work from the center towards the edges. This will help to smooth out your design and to remove bubbles as well.

Carefully check to see if your design adheres properly and then grab the top corner and slowly pull downwards on an angle until the tape is removed.

Finally, run your scraper over the vinyl to just double check that it is stuck down properly.

Step 5:

Leave the project for 24 hours to allow your adhesive to set properly.

How did you go? Did it all work out?

Hope you had a hassle-free experience with your first Oracal 631 experience. Please leave us any questions in the comments below.

Till Later,

Sam xxx


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