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So you know someone in love with anything and all things Cricut. We will share some of the best gifts for Cricut users.

Don't worry. Even if you don't know anything about this hobby, rest assured that the crafter wife/friend in your life will love these gifts!

Gifts for Cricut Lovers

From the newest and latest Cricut machine to Cricut accessories, tools, storage, and more!

This is the perfect list of Christmas gifts for Cricut lovers, but you could also use these ideas to purchase gifts for birthdays, Valentine's Day gifts, or Mother's Day gifts.

Here is a list of the best Cricut gifts of 2024!

21 Gifts for Cricut Users that They Will LOVE!

Wondering what to gift someone who uses Cricut? Find below a list of the best gifts for Cricut crafters for 2024.

You can't go wrong with these products.

We have some gifts on the list for someone with a Cricut that will add the WOW factor, some that are cheaper but still will get used regularly, and some that are simply essential to the crafting process.

1. Cricut Venture Machine

Cricut Venture Machine

The Cricut Venture cutting machine is the largest of the Cricut machine.

The wide format cutting machine cuts over 100 materials up to 75 ft (22.8 m) at commercial speeds. It also writes, scores, foils, and more.

This machine is perfect for small business owners as the commercial cutting speeds make it perfect for batch projects.

It is also very smart because it can cut material without a mat when using Ciruct Smart Materials.

If you are looking to upgrade as your home business is taking off or if you love creating large-scale projects, this is the perfect machine.

This Cutter usually costs around $999.

Does this sound like the perfect Cricut gift?

Click here to purchase the Cricut Venture

2. The Mega Cricut Cheat Sheet Bundle Book

Cricut Cheat Sheets

This printable book is our best-selling book by far! This book has 80 cheat sheets in it.

These cheat sheets are brilliant for beginners, but even more advanced crafters will find them super beneficial.

The internet can be such a massive time-suck. This awesome book can even be printed out which makes it perfect for needing some quick answers right at their fingertips!

They will love this book because it will allow them to spend precious hours crafting rather than ‘surfing' the net.

This book is meant to make crafting time easier. Nobody wants to be frustrated when crafting; nobody wants to go and hunt on the internet for answers.

This book answers everything they will wish and wants to remember (but in reality, they don't – because they can go straight to the right page to find the answers they need).

Here is a look at some of the cheat sheets in the book:

  • Cricut EasyPress Temperature/Time Guides for Iron-On
  • Cricut EasyPress Temperature/Time Guides for Infusible Ink
  • Cricut Design Space Quick-Look Font Sheets
  • Most Popular Fonts to Download from DaFont.com
  • How to Make Glitter Epoxy Tumblers
  • HTV Shirt Placement and Sizing Charts
  • How to Use Print-then-Cut
  • How to Use Infusible Sheets
  • How to Use Infusible Pens
  • How to Create an Embossed Look with HTV Vinyl
  • How to Layer Iron-On Vinyl
  • How to Apply Iron-On Vinyl with an Iron

This book only costs $25 so great for those looking for a more affordable gift.

Does this sound like the perfect gift?

Click here to learn more about this Cricut book

3. The Cricut EasyPress 3

Cricut EasyPress 3

The Cricut EasyPress 3 is brand new! I know that crafters all have a secret desire to have the newest and latest of everything, and this is it!

The newest release by Cricut.

The EasyPress is excellent for those who love working with vinyl designs. So if the person you are looking for a gift loves to make custom shirts, bags, backpacks, hats, and more – this will be perfect for them.

The press is available in three sizes – a mini size, a 9 x 9″, and 10 x 12″.

Not sure what size to get? The 9 x 9″ is by far the most popular. But we have a handy post here that will walk you through trying to figure out which size would be best for the Cricut fanatic in your life.

You will also find our personal EasyPress 3 review helpful as well.

Everybody wants an EasyPress; most crafters see this item as a “SPLURGE” item rather than a necessary item, which means it would make the perfect gift.

If the crafter in your life does not use HTV for large items like shirts or bags? Then why not check out the EasyPress Mini as a gift for the Cricut crafter?

EasyPress Mini

This super cute little press is excellent when adding Iron-On vinyl or Infusible Ink to small items, like soft toys or shoes, and is also great for those more awkward-shaped items like hats or caps!

The Mini Press usually costs around $70. At the same time, the larger presses range from $170-$220.

Does this sound like the perfect gift?

Click here to purchase an EasyPress 3 10 x 12″

Click here to purchase an EasyPress 3 9 x 9″

Click here to purchase an EasyPress Mini

4. Cricut Maker 3 Cutting Machine

Cricut maker 3

Not limited with $$$ for the gift and really after a gift that will ‘WOW' the socks of your Cricut fan? This is the best gift for Cricut users.

The Cricut Maker 3 is the most impressive cutting machine on the market.

This machine can cut anything and everything. It is especially a brilliant gift for those who love working with fabric, vinyl, or cardstock.

You can either grab the machine by itself, or if you are keen, purchase a whole Cricut Maker bundle (which will include all sorts of extras, from tools, accessories, and more!).

The machine by itself usually costs around $430.

Does this sound like the perfect gift?

Click here to purchase the Cricut Maker 3

5. Cricut Joy Xtra

Cricut Joy Extra

Looking for an affordable electronic cutting machine? Look no further than the adorable and portable Cricut Joy Xtra!

With its compact size and versatile features, this cutter is perfect for crafting labels, writing, drawing, and adding foil effects.

It is also perfect for creating stunning handmade cards and stickers.

But that's not all! It can cut over 50 materials, including iron-on, cardstock, vinyl, paper, and Smart Materials™.

The Cirutc Joy Xtra retails for under $200 making it great value!

Click here to purchase the Cricut Joy Xtra

6. Cricut Mug Press

If your Cricut fan wants to create more projects using Infusible Ink and already has an EasyPress, then the Cricut Mug Press will make a great addition to their heat press range.

Cricut Mug Press

The Mug Press is great for those who love creating personalized or custom mugs but want to give their creations a more professional look and longer-lasting design.

The result is bright and vibrant when using Cricut Infusible Ink with the Mug Press and your mug blanks.

>>> To learn all about Cricut Infusible Ink, read our Ultimate Beginners Guide to Cricut Infusible Ink!

It is also permanent as the ink is infused into the coating on the blank mug, which means that these mugs can be submerged in water and are dishwasher safe!

If you want to make this gift super special, you can grab the Cricut Mug press with a bundle of goodies too!

The Mug Press usually costs around $199.

Click here to purchase a Cricut Mug Press.

While the Cricut mug press is great for mugs, there are also great presses for those who enjoy working with tumblers.

Click here to find the best tumbler heat press.

7. Cricut Foil Transfer Kit

Cricut Foil Transfer Tool gifts for Cricut lovers
Foil Transfer Tool Sheets

After something a little bit cheaper? Or maybe A LOT cheaper? That is fair enough!

This Cricut Foil Transfer Kit is a brilliant and exciting gift. These tips fit in either the Cricut Maker or the Cricut Explore machines.

The foil that comes in the kit is perfect to add foil accents and highlights to cards or cardstock projects so makes a perfect gift for any crafter who loves card or paper projects.

Everything you need is in this box, so this gift will be practical and handy.

Cricut Foil Transfer Tool cardstock project

This kit is usually priced at around $40 and includes:

  • 1 Foil Transfer Tool Housing
  • 3 Foil Transfer Tips (Fine, Medium, Bold)
  • 12 Foil Transfer Sheets 4″ x 6″ (10.1 cm x 15.2 cm) (6 Gold, 6 Silver)
  • Tape 

Does this sound like the perfect gift?

Click here to purchase a Cricut Foil Transfer Kit (Explore & Maker)

If you know that your Cricut fan has a Cricut Joy machine then you can even purchase a Cricut Foil Tool Kit for the Cricut Joy so they don't have to miss out on the fun!

Cricut Joy Foil Kit perfect gifts for Cricut users

The Cricut Foil Tool kit for the Joy includes:

  • 1 Cricut Joy™ Foil Transfer Tool Housing
  • 1 Tip
  • 12 Foil Transfer Sheets 4 in x 6 in (10.1 cm x 15.2 cm)
  • Tape

Does this sound like the perfect gift?

Click here to purchase a Cricut Joy Foil Transfer Kit

8. Cricut Hat Press

The Cricut Hat Press is one of the most recent presses released by Cricut.

It is a fantastic press designed to be used on various hat and cap styles.

Cricut Hat Press

Not only can the hat press be used to add Iron-On vinyl to your caps, but it can even be used to apply Cricut Infusible Ink to hats, caps, and more.

If you want to add some hat blanks to this awesome gift, ensure that the blank hat or cap is suitable for Infusible Ink or sublimation ink.

Included in the box are the Hat Press and the Hat Pressing Form to ensure the best pressing pressure and surface when pressing.

Hat Press Form

As with all Cricut heat presses, the Hat Press can be used with Iron-On vinyl (HTV) and Infusible Ink.

The hat press usually retails for around $150.

Click here to purchase a Cricut Hat Press

9. Cricut Essential Tool Set

Cricut Essential Tool Set

Another affordable and fabulous Cricut gift is this Essential Tool Set!

Your Cricut fan might already have these tools, but as with any tools, they wear down, and eventually, you have to replace them with new ones.

I can promise you now that these tools WILL GET USED.

The set includes scissors, a scraper, a spatula, tweezers, a weeder, a scoring stylus, and a paper trimmer (with blade replacement and scoring blade).

This set costs around $55, but you can often pick it up on sale for much cheaper.

Does this sound like the perfect gift?

Click here to purchase the Cricut Essential Tool Set.

10. Cricut Explore 3 Cutting Machine


The Explore 3 was released towards the end of 2021. It is one of the newest Cricut machines on the market.

Most crafters can't reach the price tag of the Cricut Maker 3, and the Explore 3 is the next best thing.

A fabulous DIY cutting machine that works with over 50+ different types of material.

Grab the machine by itself, or if you are keen to spoil that special crafter, purchase a whole Cricut Explore 3 bundle (which will include all sorts of extras, from tools, accessories, and more!).

This machine costs around $320.

Does this sound like the perfect gift?

Click here to purchase the Cricut Explore 3.

11. Cricut BrightPad Go

Cricut BrightPad Go

The Cricut BrightPad Go is the ultimate lighting gift for the crafter who loves to craft on the go and at night!

The BrightPad is perfect to help illuminate those hard-to-see cut lines when weeding of vinyl and iron-on projects. And the best part is that the BrightPad Go does not have to be plugged in when using!

If the person you are buying a Cricut gift for loves making projects with HTV, adhesive vinyl, paper crafting, and fabric projects like quilt piecing this is the perfect gift for him or her. 

It is even suitable for crafters who love to draw or trace so it is perfect for more than just Cricut crafting.

The Cricut BrightPad Go usually retails for around $99.99 on Cricut.com.

Does this sound like the perfect gift?

Click here to purchase the Cricut BrightPad Go!

12. Cricut Ultimate Fine Point Pen Set

Cricut Ultimate Fine Point Pen Set

After something a little bit cheaper? Or maybe A LOT cheaper? That is fair enough!

This Cricut Ultimate Fine Point Pen set is a brilliant gift. Nobody likes spending their $$$ on pens when you can purchase all sorts of pretty stuff like ribbons and pretty paper instead.

But all crafters need pens! So this gift will be practical and handy.

There are 30 gorgeous colors in this set, and they are just the thing to use with Cricut’s drawing features.

The pens sell for $38, but are almost always on sale for much less.

Does this sound like the perfect gift?

Click here to purchase the Cricut Fine Point Pen Set.

13. The Complete Guide to Cricut Design Space

Cricut Design Space Cheat Sheets

Now, if you think your Cricut fan has absolutely all the tools, accessories, and machines they could wish for, another great idea is a printable book that will help to craft easier.

This book contains complete step-by-step tutorials on how to do everything in Cricut Design Space. 

The book has an entire section of tutorials for desktop users and another complete section for IOS users!

It has over 200 full-color pages with easy step-by-step instructions for all the functions, tasks, and projects you can do in Cricut Design Space.

Every Cricut crafter will love to have this book on their crafting table!

Click here to learn more about this popular book

14. Yarwo Craft Tote Bag

Yarwo Rolling Craft Tote Bag

These bags are brilliant for anybody who loves crafting away from home.

Simply pop your cutting machine in the bag and add some supplies in the pockets – and you are ready to go!

What makes these rolling totes so fabulous?

• Easy-rolling premium craft bag

• Hand-crafted, quality construction

• Multiple compartments, pockets, and detachable storage

• Specially designed to hold rolls of vinyl, iron-on, and more

• Multi-directional wheels roll in any direction

• Machine and supplies sold separately

The bags measure L: 23.2″, W: 9.4″, H: 11.8″ – so it is essential to check that the machine will fit in this bag.

Does this sound like the perfect gift?

Click here to check the pricing for the Yarwo Craft Carry Bag Tote

15. Cricut Vinyl Gift Ideas

Vinyl Bundle Best Cricut Gifts

Any Cricut fan is bound to be a vinyl fan! The two simply go hand in hand.

Vinyl might be the most practical gift you can gift a Cricut crafter. It is something you KNOW for sure that they will use at some point.

You can get either adhesive vinyl or iron-on vinyl. My recommendation is to give them a nice mixture of both.

Does this sound like the perfect gift?

Click here to find a gorgeous range of Cricut Vinyl to choose from.

16. Essentials Materials Bundle

Cricut Essentials Materials Bundle

The Cricut Essentials Materials bundle is the perfect gift for the Cricut fan who has the machine but now needs to build up their accessories and supplies.

This essential bundle includes all the items any new Cricut crafter needs to get started with ease.

The bundle includes:

  • Everyday Iron-On Sampler, Elegance
  • Premium Vinyl Sampler Removable, Elegance
  • Transfer Tape
  • True Control Knife, Blue
  • Cutting Mat Varietry Pack, 12\” x 12\” 3 pk
  • Tools Basic Set
  •  Portable Trimmer

The Essentials Materials Bundle is priced at around $130 from Cricut.com.

It is well worth buying as a bundle rather than individual items if you fancy getting all of these Cricut accessories and materials for your Cricut lover.

Does this sound like the perfect gift?

Click here to purchase the Cricut Essentials Materials Bundle.

17. Creative Everything Materials Bundle

Creative Everything Materials Bundle

If the bundle above impressed you but you really want to splash out a bit more and buy that Cricut fan in your life the ultimate gift to go along with their Cricut machine, then the Cricut Everything Materials Bundle is perfect!

The bundle includes:

  • Dark Gray Basic Trimmer
  • Cricut Vinyl Transfer Tape 12×48
  • Core Colors Basic Tool Set
  • Cricut Cutting Mat 12×12 Variety 3pk
  • Truecontrol Knife Blue
  • Cricut Printable Vinyl 8.5×11 10 Sheets
  • Glitter Gel Pen Set, Brights
  • Cricut Stencil Material 12×48
  • Premium Vinyl Essentials Sampler
  • Premium Vinyl Tropical Sampler
  • Cricut Iron On Glitter Red
  • Cricut Iron On Glitter Multi Pink
  • Everyday Iron On 12×24 Red
  • 4 x Foil Iron On Sampler Bejeweled 12×12
  • 3 x Everyday Iron On Sampler Tea Party 12×12
  • 6 x Everyday Iron On Sampler Basics 12×12

Is it worth it? Absolutely! For only a small amount more this bundle has heaps and heaps so your Cricut crafter will want for no more.

The bundle retails for around $266 on Cricut.

Does this sound like the perfect gift?

Click here to purchase the Cricut Everything Materials Bundle.

18. T-Shirt Alignment Tool

T-Shirt Alignment Tool

Got a Cricut fan who loves to make personalized t-shirts?

This alignment ruler is great as it helps place the iron-on or heat transfer vinyl decal in the correct place on the blank t-shirt.

No more frustration from getting it wrong or it being slightly off-center or too far down. The set includes rulers for blanks suited for infants to adults in 6 XL.

Does this sound like the perfect gift?

Click here to purchase the T-Shirt Ruler Alignment Tool Set here.

19. Desktop Accessory Organizer

Desktop Accessory Organizer

Storage for tools and accessories is any crafter's dream.

This desk organizer is perfect as it can store any pens, tools, and blades on a desk or crafting area. The great thing is that your crafter will have everything close to hand, neatly stored in this compact desk organizer.

It has 24 slots so can hold a variety of crafting tools and accessories. It comes in white so will be sure to complement any crafter's craft room. You can also find more craft room organizer ideas here (all of which make perfect gifts).

Does this sound like the perfect gift?

Click here to purchase the Desk Organizer here.

20. Adhesive Vinyl Pack

Adhesive Pack of Vinyl Assorted Colurs

No crafter has ever said they have enough materials or supplies.

This pack of 40 sheets of adhesive vinyl is the perfect gift for any Cricut crafter.

With a variety of colors in the bundle your Cricut fan will be able to make any adhesive vinyl project.

Does this sound like the perfect gift?

Click here to purchase the Adhesive Vinyl Pack here.

21. A Year Subscription to Cricut Access

Cricut Access

And before we complete our list of the best gifts for someone with a Cricut, here is a very essential gift – access to the Cricut Access library.

What is so magical about the Cricut Design Space?

  • It has over 50,000 images for you to choose from
  • It has more than 800 predesigned Make it Now projects. These projects are ready to go, and all you have to do is to click that magical button called “Go.”
  • You can upload your jpeg and SVG files.
  • You can add your fonts.
  • It works from a desktop, laptop, tablet, and phone – hello to lazy designing from your couch!

Now every person that owns a Cricut machine will most likely have to subscribe to Cricut Access.

It only makes logical sense to do so. But it is one of those things you hate spending your money on – so I know that this would be a perfect gift if it were me!

You can read more about the benefits of subscribing to Cricut Design Space & Cricut Access here.

Does this sound like the perfect gift?

Click here to purchase a year subscription to Cricut Access

Conclusion to Best Gifts for Cricut Lovers

There you have a list of some gift ideas for Cricut users! 21 Fabulous Cricut gift ideas that any Cricut fanatic would love to receive.

The list has a Cricut gift idea to suit all budgets, from big to small. It includes ideas perfect for Cricut Beginners to more advanced Cricut users so you will definitely find a Cricut gift that is the Best Gift for Cricut lovers.

If you really fancy spoiling the Cricut crafter in your life, purchasing more than one of these best gifts for Cricut lovers will make their day!

Best Gifts for Cricut Lovers
Best Gifts for Cricut Crafters

Please leave a comment and let us know which gift you decided to purchase and how much your Cricut fan loved it!

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