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Let me guess, you have purchased a Cricut Machine, and now you are wondering what the Design Space and Cricut Membership is all about?

Maybe you know what the Design Space is about, but even though the Cricut subscription service is pretty cheap, you want to understand exactly how it works, what you will get and why it is worth every single dollar.

So let's get down to answering all of your questions. Here is everything you possibly wanted to know about the Cricut Design Space Subscription.

Want the Short Answer?

If you don't have time to read the full article, here are my main thoughts about the Cricut Membership:

1. Cricut Access is fabulous for newbies. It takes a lot of the frustration out of trying to find and/or your own designs. It is much easier to use designs that someone else created and to simply follow the steps.

2. Cricut Access helps you save money (if you tend to buy from Cricut directly a lot). You get 10% off all shopping orders on both as well as in Cricut Design Space. The Membership is only $9.99, which means that if you purchase $100 worth of products, you basically get the Access membership for free (because you save 10% on your $100 order).

Sign Up Here if you want to try it out, if you sign up for the monthly membership, you can cancel whenever you want.

Want the Detailed, More In-Depth Answer?

Here is a more complete explanation about Cricut Design Space, Cricut Access and what you will get if you subscribe. I wanted to point out that the membership is called Cricut Access (people often mistakenly call it the Cricut Design Space membership) and the software is called Cricut Design Space.

Before we look at the membership, let's talk about Cricut Design Space (the designing software).

What is Cricut Design Space?

The Cricut Design Center is your one-stop-shop for all your inspiration and creation needs. 

Ultimately the Cricut Design Space is an easy-to-use web-based program that lets you browse predesigned projects. You can also design your own projects as well.  

What is Cricut Access

What is so magical about the Cricut Design Space?

  • It has over 50,000 images for you to choose from
  • It has more than 800 predesigned Make it Now projects. These projects are ready to go and all you have to do is to click that magical button called “Go”.
  • You can upload your own jpeg and SVG files.
  • You can add your own fonts.
  • It works from a desktop, laptop, tablet, and phone – hello to lazy designing form your couch!

If you haven't got Cricut Design Space up and running yet, then you can find our guide on how to download and set up Cricut Design Space here.

Can you use Cricut Design Space without a Subscription?

Okay so that all sounds pretty cool right, but the burning question is: do you have to pay for Cricut Design Space?

No, you don't have to pay for the design space. You can go to right now and create your account. Go on, sign up – I'll wait for you!

Click ->

Enter your details, choose a password and you are in!

Now you will be able to browse through projects, and you will also have access to some tutorial videos, as well as your canvas where you can design your own projects.

Cricut Design Space Projects

Whilst there are a few free images and projects in the Design Space for you to use, most of the time you will find a Cricut Design Space Cost applicable when you actually choose to use any of their images of when you choose one of their “Make it Now” projects.

It will cost you about $1 for every image you choose to use and most likely around $3-7 for each Make It Now project you purchase. Now you can see how quickly this can add up!  But luckily there is this thing call Cricut Access, let's talk more about that, shall we!

Can you use Cricut Design Space without a Subscription.

Why is Cricut Asking me to Purchase my Design?

We often hear from disgruntled crafters who has the opinion that the designs should be free. But here is my opinion.

Cricut has to pay designers to come up with the projects. Similarly, designers have to create all those beautiful fonts that you love using. It doesn't make good business sense for them to give it for free to you, when they have to pay to get them created.

The reality is, you can typically pick up beautiful fonts in Cricut Design Space for pretty cheap (designer fonts on other sites can often cost you $30+).

If you use any of the professional designing software, you won't get free designs with the software. So I'm super grateful that Cricut does the effort to source fabulous designers who can create some easy to follow projects and designs.

What is the Cricut Access Membership?

Cricut Access is basically your way of saving money in the long-term. It is a subscription service where you pay a set fee per month and in return, you get access to images, fonts, and Make it Now projects at no additional cost.

What is included in Cricut Access

Cricut Design Space Cost

You can choose from three options, if you want to test the membership out, then we suggest you start with the monthly subscription, but if you want more value, then you should pick the Cricut yearly subscription.

  • Starter Monthly: If you wish to try it out, you might prefer to pay the $9.99 a month. That way you can test it out, but have the freedom to cancel it whenever you want.
  • Starter YearlyIf you wish to save money, you might prefer to pay for the full year. It costs $95.80 which comes to about $7.99 a month.
  • Premium: The premium membership is a yearly subscription at $119.88, which works out to $9.99 a month. With premium membership, you also get free postage on orders of $50+, as well as other benefits.

What is Included with my Cricut Subscription?

With your all three of your Cricut Memberships you will get access to:

  • 50,000+ images,
  • 1,000+ Make It Now projects, and
  • 400+ fonts

Now if that wasn't worth the money, maybe these benefits will tie you over:

  • You also get 10% off all shopping orders on both as well as in Cricut Design Space

Now you might have noticed that I just told you that you get 10% off Cricut Design Space and I bet you are asking this fundamental question: “Wait, what!? I thought my membership gave me access to Cricut Design Space without additional cost!”.

It is important to note that not every single image, font or project is included in your membership. To make it easy for you, you will easily see which of the images and projects are free as they all have a little green flag on them. But you will find that there is still an additional cost on some items.

But don't get greedy now – remember, you get UNLIMITED access to over 50,000 image, more than 400 fonts and 1000+ projects – that will keep your busy – I promise!!

Introduction to Design Space

Now before I encourage you to sign up, I thought it might be nice to have a quick look around the Cricut Design Space. Here is the video that Cricut shared when the Design Space came out:

They have loads of videos and tutorials to help you around the Design Space.


I'm sure you have seen the value in signing up for the Cricut Membership.

So what are you waiting for?  Come and join the Cricut club and reap the benefits!

Sign Up Here

New Cricut Design Space Subscription

I really hope that you have managed to figure out if Cricut Access would be the right fit for you. If you are still unsure, I suggest you sign up for a month and see if you find it valuable or not. You can always cancel if you choose the monthly membership.

Sign Up Here if you want to try it out

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  1. I live in Australia and bought a Cricut Maker last week and when I tried to join Cricut Access I was unable to because I do not have an American address!

    • Good point! I wish Cricut would realize that people from all over the world are using their machines and software! There used to be a few tricks to get around this issue – like using a random US address, and using a cash card that you would buy would international travel – but unfortunately, I don’t think this works anymore. Fortunately, you can still use the software and you can find plenty of free SVG files and projects online too.


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