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Felt is a versatile, fun, and user-friendly material that Cricut crafters love to make projects with.

From finger puppets, felt bows, felt banners, felt flowers to felt wreaths, the possibilities are endless when it comes to creating beautiful Cricut felt projects.

Cricut felt projects

Here Are Our Favorite Felt Buys

Here at The Best Vinyl Cutters, we have compiled some of our favorite free Cricut felt projects from bloggers all around the web for you to try!

With these easy-to-follow tutorials and step-by-step instructions, you can craft up something special in no time – perfect for either an experienced crafter or a beginner just getting started.

But before we get into the projects, let's just answer some quick questions about which machine you should use, which felt you should work with, and which additional mats and blades you will need.

Which Cricut is Best for Felt Projects?

The best Cricut to use for felt is either the Cricut Maker or Cricut Maker 3. The Cricut Maker is the best fabric cutting machine on the market for felt, because it can use the rotary cutter to help cut smooth clean curves.

The Maker machines can cut all sorts of shapes and designs out of the felt. It can also manage to cut some beautiful intricate detailed felt designs as well.

But even if you don't have a Maker, don't let that stop you, as many of the felt Cricut ideas we share below can easily be made with a Cricut Explore machine as well.

What Do You Need For Cricut Felt Crafts?

The choice of machine you use and the type of felt you work with can really make a difference.

Cricut Maker and Cricut Maker 3

Cutting felt on the Cricut Maker 3

The Maker machines are the best machines to use for cutting felt. It does a fantastic job and the great thing is that it can handle non-Cricut brand felt.

Make sure you have the following on hand:

Cricut Explore 3 and Explore Air 2

Cutting felt on the Cricut Explore 3

Although the Explore machines may not be the best for felt, they do an excellent job with Cricut felt as it is specifically engineered to work well with them.

Make sure you have the following on hand:

Free Cricut Felt Projects To Create

We wanted to round up some beautiful inspirational felt fabric craft ideas from around the web, to show you what is possible and to give you a bit of inspiration for your next felt craft project.

1. Cricut Felt Dahlia

Cricut Felt Dahlia

Create a beautiful felt Dahlia to adorn your home within just 1-2 hours!

All you need for this project is a FabricGrip mat, a rotary blade, Floral Stem Wire, felt, and a Cricut Access membership, which grants you free access to this project on Cricut Designs Space.

2. Cricut Felt Masks

Felt Mask Cricut Felt project idea

Sydney from Tastefully Frugal shows you how to create some super cheap and easy fun felt masks.

These are great for a themed party or simply and purely for some backyard fun. Such a great project and Sydney claims that you can make these masks in around 2 minutes!

The challenge is on, let's see how long it takes you to whip up these fun masks.

3. DIY Felt Fruit

Felt Fruit and vegetable made from Cricut Felt Project

can find the sweet and short little tutorial on Cricut Design Space. Simply click here and it will open the project right up for you (it's totally free if you have an Access Membership).

You can also craft a DIY produce bag to stash your new little felt fruit and satisfy kids' curiosities while they roleplay grocery shopping.

4. Cricut Quiet Books

Absolutely in love with this super adorable felt mermaid quiet book by Kimberley from Sweet Red Poppy. Definitely one for those of you who love more challenging crafts.

You will also need a Cricut Maker and Easy Press on hand as well.

But boy if you have the time and patience, you can create some super fun quiet books for your kids.

5. DIY Felt Food

diy felt play food with cricut

Does your little one love playing chef?

We are in love with these super adorable felt food – perfect for pretend play and dressing up!


6. Cricut Felt Flower Wreath

Felt flower wreath

This project is free if you own a Cricut Maker 3.

7. Cricut Felt Wall Hanging

Felt Moon and Star Bunting Banner for Nursery

Want to create a beautiful soft wall hanging for your baby's room? Felt does the trick! I love this cute moon and star wall hanging.

(totally free for Cricut Access members).

8. Felt Finger Puppets

Finger puppets made with Cricut machine

9. Colorful Felt Pinecones

Felt pinecones bunting decoration

Holly from Club Crafted shows us how to create these colorful and funky felt pinecones. She has a few tips up her sleeve such as using a foam oval when it gets to the gluing step.

Find this beautiful tutorial here.

10. Cricut Felt Rainbow

Cricut felt rainbow

Find the full tutorial on Laura's Crafty Life's blog.

11. Cricut Flower Bouquet

Crocus felt flower

When the snow melts, precious little crocus flowers tell us that spring has sprung! Show off these dainty little flowers with a grapevine wreath, felt, and your Cricut machine!

Check out the full tutorial here to see how Natalie created these gorgeous felt flowers.

12. Cricut Felt Owls

Easy Harry Potter Crafts with felt

These Hedwig Owls are gorgeous! Lindsay designed them to hang from a Christmas Tree, but I can also see them being used as a bookmark or as string them up and use them as decoration at a Harry Potter-themed party.

You can find the full tutorial on her blog: See Lindsay.

Into Harry Potter? Here is a full list of Harry-Potter Cricut crafts that you can make.

13. DIY Felt Fall Banner

Family felt banner

This fun felt banner would be a great addition in a classroom, an office, or over your front door!

Learn how to create this banner by clicking here.

14. DIY Rainbow Felt Ornament

Cricut Christmas Ornament Idea with Felt

This cute little rainbow is the perfect thing to add to your tree this winter to bring some bright, colorful cheer.

This tutorial includes the SVG and the PDF sewing pattern. She also has a video that shows you how to whip up this ornament.

15. DIY Felt Santa

DIY Felt Santa

These little Santa face ornaments can be made with all sorts of colors for the Santa hat. Make them in all the colors of the rainbow! 

Grab the steps for this project here.

More Ideas: Check out our blog post if you would like more Christmas Cricut ideas.

16. DIY Potted Felt Succulents Made With a Cricut

Felt succulents in pots

These are adorable as either just pops of home decor or I think they would make fabulous gifts as well. Great for those who tend to kill real plants.

Find the full tutorial on Sustain My Craft Habit.

17. Felt Cookies

Cute felt cookie gift idea

After some adorable felt cookies that are perfect for any pretend picnic or tea party? These cookies are almost too beautiful to play with!

You can find the cut files for these cookies on Cricut Design Space here (free for Cricut Access members).

18. DIY Birthday Felt Pennants

Birthday felt flags

Love felt pennants?

Here is some inspiration to make some birthday-themed felt pennants (but of course, you could use the template and inspiration to make pennants for graduation, home welcoming, a themed party such as a DIY Carnival Party, or even baby showers!).

Find the instructions for these adorable DIY birthday felt pennants with the templates here.

19. Cricut Felt Bows

Want to whip up some gorgeous felt bows for your daughter? Or maybe you want to sell some in your Etsy store? These are the best bows that I've seen!

Watch the video above to find the full tutorial.

20. Cricut Spring Wreath

Felt flower wreath

Springtime is my absolute favorite season of the year. Here is a gorgeous DIY Spring-inspired wreath that will help get your house and spirit in the mood for Spring.

Find all the cut files and the instructions on Cricut Design Space here. Again this project is free if you have a Cricut Access membership (here is a helpful post to help you decide if a Cricut Access membership is worth the money).

21. Cricut Felt Flower Hairband

cricut flower headband

Looking for some Cricut maker felt projects to whip up? The Maker machine is the best Cricut felt cutter – I wouldn't even bother with a Cricut Joy or Cricut Explore machine.

We love this sweet little felt flower hairband by Erica from 5 Little Monsters.

Hop over to see her great tutorial as she walks you through the steps of using a Cricut Maker to cut out some beautiful felt flowers and leaves. Use these flowers to create your own custom hairband or hair clips.

22. Penny Rug Pillow

Penny Rug Pillow

Craft a beautiful Penny Rug pillow using 100% wool felt. Cut out a plethora of circles with your Cricut machine: faster and more precisely than you could by hand.

Sew the circles together and attach them to a large felt square to form your pillow.

Check out the full tutorial on Diary of a Quilter's blog and add a touch of charm to your decor.

23. Cricut Felt StoryBoard

Cut out pieces of felt with your Cricut Maker to create a StoryBoard!

Use your child's favorite book for inspiration and now they can play along whilst you read the story, creating their own story on the StoryBoard.

24. Felt Hanging Mobile with Cricut

Felt Hanging Mobile with Cricut

With a Cricut Maker and a Rotary Blade, you can craft a personalized felt hanging mobile in any color of the rainbow!

Check out the full tutorial on The Kingston's Home Blog for all the details.

25. Felt Dress-Up Dolls

Felt Dress-Up Dolls

Create adorable felt dolls with your Cricut machine, using the free download files! Perfect for your little ones to play dress-ups or to keep them entertained.

The Slay at Home Mother's blog has a complete guide to walk you through each step of creating these magnificent dolls. Your kids will thank you for it!

FAQ's: Felt Projects With Cricut

Cricut Felt Projects

Below are some questions that are most often asked about Cricut felt ideas and about how to cut felt with a Cricut.

1. What can I make with Cricut felt?

Using the Cricut felt, you can make an array of projects such as home decor accents, kids’ toys and games, accessories like handbags and wallets, holiday decorations, party decorations, wall art, and much more.

2. Will Cricut vinyl stick to felt?

Yes, Cricut vinyl can stick to felt. It's important to make sure that the felt is clean and dry before applying the vinyl.

Some people also suggest heating up the surface of the felt with a heat press before adding the vinyl. This helps to ensure a strong bond between the vinyl and the felt.

3. What is the best blade to cut felt on Cricut?

The type of blade you should use depends on the Cricut machine you own. For Cricut Maker machines I recommend you use the rotary blade. It does a great job will all types and all brands of felt.

For Cricut Explore machines, I suggest you use the Cricut Fine Point Blade and stick to using Cricut felt only.

4. Can I use a Cricut for felt?

Sure! You can use the Explore machines or the Maker machines to cut felt. My personal preference is to cut felt with my Cricut Maker 3 using a rotary blade.

5. How do I protect my Cricut mat from felt?

Here are three top suggestions:
1. The type of felt that leaves the least amount of lint behind is the Cricut brand so you could stick to using that brand only.

2. To keep your mat clean while cutting felt, try this tactic: place transfer tape or contact paper (cheaper), sticky side up, on your mat first. Then add the felt on top of the sticky side. This is my preferred method to keep my mat clean.

3. If you don't want to waste transfer tape, you could use a lint roller to remove as much of the loose lint as possible before cutting.

Final Thoughts About Felt Cricut Projects

Felt projects are a great way to get creative with your Cricut machine. Crafters of all ages can make felt storyboards, hanging mobiles, felt food, and dress-up dolls.

These are just a few examples of the wide range of creative felt projects that you can make with the help of your Cricut.

Making these crafty felt projects is easy and fun, and provides hours of entertainment for everyone involved. Plus, using felt fabric gives an extra bit of texture to the craft to make it stand out even more!

We hope you have found a new fun tutorial to enjoy for your next Cricut felt fabric craft!

If you're keen on making felt Cricut projects, a DIY kit would be a great starting point. We've compiled an amazing list of the best DIY craft kits for adults, including some felt kits that you'll love. Give it a glance!

If you own a Cricut Machine, we also have two fabulous cheat sheets for both Explore machines and Maker machines that walk you through all the steps required to cut felt correctly.

Click to buy the Cricut Cheat Sheet PDF Book (includes over 80 printable cheat sheets).

Till next time!

28 Free Cricut Felt Projects to Create
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