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DIY Bunny Toddler Easter Shirt with HTV Vinyl


Looking for some great DIY Easter shirts for girls?

Whilst you can find pretty Easter t-shirts in stores, I always love whipping up a few girls easter shirts for my daughters (I have three).

So if you are looking for Easter shirts for toddlers (or for any other aged kids), we have a great DIY custom Easter bunny t-shirt tutorial to share with you all.

You will need a vinyl cutting machine (either Cricut or Silhouette) in order to whip up this tutorial. If you don't have one, you might prefer checking out our other two Easter craft tutorials instead:

DIY Bunny Toddler Easter Shirt with HTV Vinyl

The Best Vinyl Cutters DIY Easter Vinyl Shirt

Find below the steps to follow in order to whip up this adorable Easter Tee Shirts.

Supply List:

easter t shirts supply list

Application Instructions for EasyWeed Glitter HTV:

Siser EasyWeed Glitter Vinyl

If you are using a Cricut Machine you will need to use your standard blade and select the Iron-On setting.

Application instructions for your heat press: 

• Apply design at 320°F/160°C
• Use firm pressure for 15-20 seconds
• Peel carrier warm

Instructions for the DIY Easter Eggs

Find below the step-by-step instructions on how to whip up this adorable toddler girl Easter shirt.

1. Prepping your Cut File

Step 1: Download your Easter Bunny SVG .

Tip: The SVG file comes in two layers, so it is perfect for when you wish to cut two different color vinyls. I wanted to simply cut out the words to have the t-shirt show through, so I choose to grab a screenshot of the bunny instead.

As I'm using a Cricut Maker, I will show how to do this on Cricut Design Space.

Step 2: Upload your screenshot to Cricut Design Space. Select simple for the design. Next, use the “select & erase” wand and erase the background as well as all the words and letters.

Step 1: toddler girl Easter shirt

Step 3: Next measure the size of your shirt and resize your Easter bunny to suit the size. I made my bunny 20 cm in height.

Step 2: DIY Custom Easter Bunny T-Shirt with HTV Vinyl

Step 4: Next, remember to mirror-flip your image and select “iron-on” for your material.

Step 3: Easter Tee Shirts

Step 4: easter shirts for girls

Step 5: Place your HTV vinyl with the shiny glittery side face down on your cutting mat, load the mat and cut away.

2.Weeding your Iron-On Vinyl

Step 6: Next use your weeding tool to grab the excess vinyl from your design. Peel away the excess vinyl.

Weeding the Easter Vinyl Bunny

Step 7: Use the weeding tools and carefully weed away the words.

How to weed the easter vinyl shirts

Easter Bunny Free SVG File

3. Applying your HTV Vinyl

Step 8: Heat up your heat press machine (I use the Cricut Easpress 2 – see our review here) to 320°F/160°C and your set your timer to 20sec.

Step 9: Quickly give your shirt a pre-press for around 5 sec.

Step 10: Apply your Easter Bunny design to your shirt. I love to apply the heat press on the shirt for 20 sec. and then flip the shirt around and do another press on the back for 20 sec.

Easter Vinyl Shirt with Heat Press

Step 11: Wait for the vinyl to be warm to touch, then carefully peel back the corner of the backing. If your vinyl lifts up, simply do another press. Otherwise, remove the backing.

And there you have your own sweet little Easter Vinyl Shirt for your daughter.

girls easter shirts

I hope that our tutorial has inspired you to head off and create your very own set of kids Easter shirts. It is really easy to make Easter vinyl shirts and it works out pretty cheap when you can pick up your blank tee on sale.

Happy Easter to you all.

Sam xxx

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