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Looking for some stunning free Cricut Leather Projects to whip up? 

In our list below, you will find some easy leather projects for Cricut Explore and Cricut Maker machines.

I just developed a slight addiction to working with luxurious thick leather for projects.

There is something super satisfying about cutting something special and creating something new. 

Not only that, but it always feels like a more luxurious gift when you gift something made from leather (or faux leather).

Fortunately, leather projects with Cricut machines are super easy, and you can quickly whip up leather items with the Cricut Explore Air 2, Explore 3, Cricut Maker, or Cricut Maker 3.

But before we head into the projects, let's look at some Cricut leather basics.

Quick List of Cricut Leather Products

Cutting leather with the Cricut Maker

Cricut has a fabulous range of leather-based products on the market, which makes it easy for you to get your hands on some.

Of course, you could expand past these and work with other leathers, but if this is your first leather project, it might be easier to stick with materials that we know will work with the Cricut cutting machines.

Cricut Leather

Here is Cricut's current range of leather products:

Cutting Cricut Leather

How to cut leather with Cricut

Image Credit: Cricut

Now, you can cut any of these leathers for Cricut cutters with your Cricut Explore or your Cricut Maker machines.

What Cricut blade do you need for leather? Depends on which type of leather you are cutting.

1. How to Cut Cricut Genuine Leather

We have a whole post on cutting Cricut Genuine Leather here, but if you are after quick instructions, this might help.

Genuine Leather should be cut face down on the StrongGrip mat.

You should move the white star wheels out of the way and cut with the Deep-Point blade.

2. How to Cut Cricut Faux Leather

Faux leather for Cricut machines should be cut face down on a green StandardGrip mat.

Use the Fine-Point blade and select Faux Leather (Paper Thin) as the material from your list or dial.

Plenty of Cricut projects with faux leather are on our list below for you to choose from.

3. How to Cut Cricut Metallic Leather

Metallic Leather should be cut face down on the StrongGrip mat.

Move the starwheels to the right and use the Deep-Point Blade.

For more FAQs you can see them at the bottom of the post, but for now, let's look at inspirational leather ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

DIY Cricut Leather Projects From Around the Web

Wondering what you can make with leather on your Cricut?

Find ten fabulous leather Cricut projects you can make with your cutting machine.

In our list, you will find both Cricut Explore leather projects and Cricut Maker leather projects to whip up.

However, it is essential to remember that no matter which machine the crafter has used for their project, you will be able to whip up the project on any Explore or Maker machine.

Included are some Cricut faux leather projects and some genuine leather projects.

1. DIY Leather Passport Cover

DIY Cricut Passport Covers

How cool is this? Personalized leather passport covers made with your Cricut!

Such a cool way to create covers for the whole family, each one customized so you can easily tell whose passport is whose!

Check out the tutorial from Artsy Fartsy Mama to see how to make them.

You can also find a list of more creative Cricut ideas of what to make here.

2. Super Cute Leather Baby Shoes

Leather Baby Shoes Cricut

How adorable are these leather baby shoes? If you want to make your own you can! All you need is your Cricut and some leather.

Check out the full tutorial from Delia Creates to see just how to make your own DIY Leather Baby shoes with a Cricut.

3. Gorgeous Faux Leather Earrings


Looking for some easy faux leather projects for Cricut cutters?

If you want gorgeous-looking leather earrings, our Design Team member Sandra created these stunning earrings for a gift using her Cricut Explore Air 2.  

Learn to create these for yourself or a loved one by following the full tutorial on our blog post. 

We even share the FREE SVG files with you, so it is as easy as 1-2-3!

4. No-Stitch Genuine Leather Wallet

Cricut Genuine Leather Projects

I whipped up this genuine leather wallet for my daughter because she received some birthday money, and we realized she didn't have a wallet!

The wallet is super easy because no stitching or fancy closures are required.

You can find this tutorial for this DIY easy leather wallet on our blog.

We also have info on how to apply HTV on leather here.

5. Personalized Leather Luggage Tag

Cricut no sew leather--luggage tags

These no-sew DIY leather luggage tags are such a cool idea. They will look perfect on your luggage for your next vacation.

Create your own DIY no-sew leather luggage tags by following this Cricut leather tutorial from Club Crafted.

6. DIY Leather Cord Keepers

DIY Leather Cord Keepers

Looking for a super functional gift idea? Here is a Cricut Explore Air 2 leather project (which you can recreate on any Explore or Maker cutters).

How fantastic are these monogrammed leather cord keepers?

Not only can you find instructions on creating the cord keepers, but you will also learn how to apply heat transfer vinyl.

We travel a lot, and I can see this being brilliant for those who travel regularly. Great way to keep things organized!

You can grab the full tutorial on the Nourish and Nestle blog.

7. DIY Envelope-Style Leather Wallet

DIY leather wallet Project

Who doesn't love a leather wallet?

These wallets are a bit more complex compared to our simple fold one mentioned above, but it is also a little more practical.

Stephanie also has a recommended leather tool kit in her tutorial that will help you to make your holes in the leather.

You can grab the full tutorial on the Crafting In The Rain website here.

8. DIY Leather Vase Wrap

DIY Leather Vase Wrap with Cricut

How about turning those boring glass flower vases into a statement piece?

These beautiful flower wraps are a fantastic idea!

Grab the full tutorial on the Dukes and Duchesses website.

9. DIY Cricut Faux Leather Triangle Earrings

Cricut Faux Leather Projects - Earrings

These gorgeous faux leather earrings by Kiss My Tulle are just super elegant.

They would make a lovely gift for a friend or family member.

You can grab the full tutorial on how to whip these up here.

10. Cricut Leather Baby Moccasins

Cricut Leather Baby Moccasins

Here is a Cricut leather project for expecting mothers.

These adorable little leather baby moccasins will delight the new mom-to-be and will look adorable on the baby!

See the full tutorial on Lindsay's blog here

11. Faux Leather Key Fob

Faux Cricut Leather Key Fob

These fun little keychains can be made with every color and pattern under the sun and make great gifts!

Jamie shows you how to create these on her blog here.

12. DIY Cricut Leather Journal

DIY Cricut Leather Journal

Looking for Cricut Maker 3 leather projects? Because this project has a debossing effect on the front cover, you will need to own a Maker or Maker 3, which can use the debossing tool.

Create an excellent little writing tool to capture your thoughts or creative ideas in this sophisticated and beautiful Cricut leather journal.

Amy shares the full tutorial for this journal on her blog here.

13. Leather Phone Sleeve

Leather Phone Sleeve

We love how gorgeous this leather phone sleeve is!

It will keep your phone safe while you are running errands, and it’s guaranteed that you’ll get tons of compliments, too!

See the tutorial on Sustain My Craft Habit Blog here.

14. Custom A Plain Leather Bag

Leather Crossbody Project using HTV

Got a plain leather purse that you never use? Why not upcycle your leather bag with a custom design for your little one to use?

Use your Cricut to cut some HTV elements and apply. Woilà! A new leather bag!

Check out how Damask Love customized this super cute crossbody leather bag.

15. Leopard Print Leather Bag Makeover

leopard purse makover with Cricut

If you loved the idea of upcycling a leather bag for your kids, here is another leather project idea that you can create to make a new customer leather purse just for you!

See how My Poppet made this stunning leopard print leather purse makeover here.

16. DIY Leather Bracelets

handmade faux leather bracelet

If you have some scrap leather pieces from projects why not create these really awesome leather bracelets?

Follow the tutorial on 100 Directions to see how they are made.

17. Leather Stick Barrette

Leather Stick Barrette Hair Clip

This is such a quick and easy project that you can create using your Cricut and some leather. This DIY Leather Stick Barrette will look gorgeous in your hair.

You can create this DIY Cricut leather barrette project by following the steps and project in Cricut Design Space.

18. Personalized Debossed Leather Wallet

Personalized Debossed Leather Wallet

If you want to create a subtle design on your Cricut leather project why not add a debossed design or image?

Using your debossing tool when creating this leather wallet is a perfect way to add a customization that does not stand out too much.

19. DIY Pebbled Leather Bows

DIY Pebbled Leather Bows with Cricut

These are really cute and will make any little girl's day! They are just so cute and quick and easy to make.

Create these super adorable pebbled leather bows by following the project already in Cricut Design Space!

20. Cricut Leather Earrings

Cricut Leather Earrings

These leather earrings are just stunning and will definitely get heads turning! They are so simple to make yet the design when completed is impactful and elegant.

Create these leather earrings by following the project here.

FAQs About Cricut Leather Projects

Below are some questions that are most often asked when working with leather and your Cricut machine.

1. Can a Cricut Machine Cut Real Leather?

Yes! The Cricut machine can not only cut faux leather but real leather too. The Cricut machines that can cut leather are the Cricut Maker and Cricut Explore machines.

2. How Thick of Leather Can a Cricut Cut?

The Cricut Maker and Explore machines can cut leather up to 7 oz thick. For the best results though it is best to use leather that is between 2 oz – 5 oz thick.

3. What Cricut Blade Do You Need for Leather?

You will need the Cricut Knife Blade for cutting leather with the Cricut Maker.

If you do not have a knife blade, you can also use the Cricut Deep Point Blade that you will need if cutting leather with a Cricut Explore machine.

4. What Cricut Mat to Use for Leather?

It is best to use the Purple StrongGrip mat when cutting leather with your Cricut. Be sure to place the leather face down on your mat and mirror your design in Cricut Design Space.

5. Can You Foil on Leather Cricut?

Yes, you can! Using the Cricut Foil Transfer tool is a great way to add foil accents and highlights to your project.

Final Thoughts on Cricut Leather Crafts

And there you have some fabulous leather crafts with Cricut maker or Explore cutters. Some beautiful genuine and faux leather Cricut projects for you to recreate.

Ready for more Cricut craft inspiration? Click here to access all our Cricut craft tutorials.

We would love to know which of these crafts you would like to try. Please leave us a comment below and tell us all about it.

20 Cricut Leather Project Ideas
20 Cricut Leather Projects
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