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6 Beautiful And Fun Cricut Cup Ideas To Try Out Today!


Have you been in a mug rut lately? Using the same old mug can get a little dull after a while. Brighten up your mornings with a cup of hot coffee in one of these amazing Cricut mugs!

This list of the top 6 Cricut cup ideas will inspire you to pull out your Cricut machine and help put a little more pep in your step every morning!


Cricut Cup Ideas To Try Today

You will find so much inspiration on our list of Cricut mug ideas, from mugs created with HTV, adhesive vinyl, and even Infusible Ink. Ideas to make your own cups, Cricut cups to gift, and even mugs to sell as well.

1. Cricut Steel Coffee Mug with Adhesive Vinyl

Cricut Coffee Mug Tutorial

Looking for some Cricut coffee cup ideas? Whilst we have created our coffee mug on a camping steel mug, you could easily follow the step-by-step instructions to create yours on a mug of your choice.

I used my Cricut machine and some adhesive vinyl to create this custom Cricut mug.

Find the full Cricut Coffee Cup tutorial on our very own blog post.


2. Infusible Ink Marker Cricut Mug

Cricut Coffee Mug Ideas
How cool are these Infusible Ink Marker mugs!? Bring out your inner artist and decorate your own. They’re also great to give as gifts for birthdays and holidays! Definitely, a great choice if you are looking for personalized Cricut ideas for cups.

You will need a Cricut Mug Press for this tutorial. Find all the info on Amy's website here.


3. Infusible Ink Cricut Coffee Mug

We’re loving how cheeky and fun this sister mug is! You know your sister will be laughing when she sees it! If you are looking for Cricut coffee mug ideas that you can gift, then this is a fabulous one!

Find the full tutorial on Sustain My Craft Habit Blog.


4. Cricut Sharpie Mug

This handmade Mother's Day mug will surely put a smile on mom’s face. Make them in her favorite colors to really wow her! If you are looking for cup ideas for Cricut machines that are a bit different and unique, then this is a great one! No need for a mug press either!

Click here to see the full tutorial.


5. Cricut Elf Cam Mug

Looking for cute mug ideas? Everyone knows that Santa has elves to help him watch if you’re being naughty or nice! So grab a big cup of hot chocolate in this elf cam mug and they’ll surely put you on the ‘nice’ list this year!

Click here to grab the tutorial for the Elf Cam Mug.


6. Cricut Disney Mugs


Disney lovers rejoice! Represent your favorite character with one of these easy-to-make mugs. Mickey would be proud!

Find all these mug ideas for Cricut machines here.


We love all of these fun vinyl mug ideas! No matter which one(s) you choose to make, we know that whenever you go to grab a hot cup of your favorite beverage, you’ll be sure to smile with these winners!

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