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Here are Some Scrapbook Title Ideas for When you Feel Stuck!


Sometimes titles just happen automatically.  You see an image and you know straight away what the title will be.  At other times, you might end up completing the layout and simply getting stuck on ideas for the title.

Not only should the title … well title the idea of the layout …. but it can also form an important part of finishing off your layout with just the right embellishments.


Ideas of What You Can use for Your Titles

Scrapbook Title Ideas

I often use my titles as my ‘wow-factor' of my page.  When done right the title can add to a page and form part of the embellishments for the layout.  Think about whether you need a strong powerful type of title from a heavy material such as foam or chipboard, or whether a soft delicate title would suit your layout style better.

Things you can use to create your title:

  1. Pre-Made Titles in the Format of Stickers, Die Cuts, Labels etc.
  2. Chipboard Letters
  3. Foam Letters
  4. Fabric Letters
  5. Stickers
  6. Rub-Ons
  7. Hand-Written Titles
  8. Printed WordArt
  9. Printed Fonts
  10. Stamping
  11. Create your own Die Cut Titles using your Electric Die Cutter


Quick Title Ideas

  1. Use your subject’s name (example “Samantha”)
  2. Use the location (example “New York City”)
  3. Use the date (example “4th of July”)
  4. Use a quote (example “She believed she could, so she did”)
  5. Keep it short silly (example “B-Day Madness”)
  6. Quote something that was said (a toddler's first word, an important part of a wedding vow, a birthday wish etc.)
  7. Use a part of a poem
  8. Use a line from a song
  9. Use a special phrase or sentiment from a card
  10. Use a hashtag (for a bit of fun)
  11. Use a cliché, or idiom
  12. A common phrase
  13. An important number (such as a birthday or anniversary celebration)
  14. An object from the photo (example “cupcake”)


How to Display your Title Creatively

Here are some ways that you can display your title in a creative manner:

  • Use an extremely large font that spans the width of the page
  • Use varied fonts
  • Use both upper and lower cases
  • Use text along the edge of a photo as a frame
  • Change the title of the letters
  • Use different colors and/or patterns for each letter
  • Split the word up creatively
  • Use a hashtag symbol
  • Have the title run down a page rather than across it


More Places to Get Scrapbook Title Inspiration

Looking for more title inspiration? These sites are brilliant as they contain a whole directory of title ideas, all organized and sorted according to topics and themes.

1. Scrapbook.com

Scrapbook.com has a brilliant selection of titles that you can find sorted according to topics.  They also have a search bar so you can simply pop in your own topic and it will give you some beautiful title suggestions.  Our go-to site!

2. The Perfect Title

An older website that really could do with a few modern touches, but it still does what it aims to do.  Loads of title ideas all sorted into categories such as Amusement Park, Arts & Crafts, Circus, Dirt & Mud, Growing Up, Moving, etc.

3. Denny Davis

Another resource with ideas sorted by categories.  A huge collection that is worth checking out.

4. d’Marie Page Toppers

This website is easy to use because rather than get lost in categories, you can simply enter your own search terms and the search engine will find relevant ideas for you.  It has over 2500 title ideas and you can also add some of your own to help the database expand.

5. Amazon Books

You can also find some brilliant books on Amazon that focuses on titles.  Sometimes it is easier to have a book on your scrapbook title rather than having to bother with hopping online.

I hope that these sites will give you some inspirations to come up with some creative titles of your own.

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