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How to Come up With Stellar T-Shirt Design Ideas


More than being an outfit, T-shirts are a place of trust for all.

This is one apparel that has never failed anyone, be in terms of comfort or fashion.

Also, the fact remains that they are for all! From celebs and veterans to unsuspectingly innocent people like us, T-shirts are the ruling elements of comfort wear.

And apart from all of this, this can just be the kind of clothes that reflect a personal style in its designs; such as a favorite quote, a character or even something that you may want to advertise! These can reflect your personality beautifully.

And with technological developments for creating incredible T-shirt designs, you can take your individual t-shirt fashion statement up a notch by customizing your own ideas on it!

T-Shirt Design Ideas for Promotional Purposes

Heat Pressed Shirt

One of the coolest things that T-shirt designs accomplish is that of advertising an idea. When you wear one with a message you want to put across a wider audience, a T-shirt will act somewhat like a “mobile billboard.”

And if you want to do just that, go and create a plausible and cool design on your T-shirt, that would keep it subtle yet catchy enough for people to notice!

One significant advantage of this is that one can travel to different places wearing the message and in no time it would be spread across different states and nations.

Now, if you’re trying to advertise your brand or promote some other, creating something remarkable and original will help you build an independent place in the market. This will boost up brand-recognition for your brand where you can secure patronages from vital clients for as long as you deliver successfully!

How to Design a Tee Shirt?

So when you’re creating designs to advertise something, you need to focus and prioritize client preference above everything else. Ask them what they want to see in the design, if they would like to use any of their brand colors, and what words they wish to incorporate.

The design of a T-shirt can also transmit certain messages regarding your personality to the broader public. This is because people can often judge your tastes and preferences simply by noticing what you’re wearing. So make sure that you aren’t creating any negative impacts by anything that’s on your clothes or even claiming to be something that you are not.

There is also a subtle difference between being really smart, witty and humorous about T-shirt ideas and outright screaming for attention by putting eccentric loud – it really depends on what you are trying to achieve.

Something that you should always be absolutely certain of is the originality of your design. Do not mindlessly plagiarize from other designs, especially if it’s for a professional purpose.

The t-shirt design ideas should reflect the amount of thought and effort you put behind creating each design. Be it a quote, a graphic or a logo, your design should be something that stands apart from the rest. It should be unique and authentic in essence.

How to Make a Good T-Shirt Design

So, finally, we come to the part where we’re going to tell you exactly how to come up with just the kind of designs you want to have based upon your/your client's personal or professional requirements.

1. Choose your Target Audience or Market

Cool ideas for t shirt designs

Before getting on with the task of coming up with a selection of shirt ideas, you need to do some research to really understand your target audience/market. Think about the kind of citizens and customers you want to influence.

Decide if your designs are meant to impact children, youths or adults. When you select a market niche, it becomes easier for you to understand what kind of designs would work best for your product.

This way you’ll have a legit headstart that’s going to help you come up with some incredible tee shirt designs ideas.

2. Do Some Research on the Latest Trends

Society 6 T Shirt Designs

So you don’t want to have any sort of outdated pattern, or quote on the shirt that was cool yesterday. What you want to have is something that’s up to date with the latest trends and events.

For a statement design you really want to invest some time into checking out the latest and hottest trends and create a design that will attract, charm or even inspire many!

You can always get a design of your favorite celebrity on your tee or even a cause or movement that inspires you now or may have inspired you in the past.

For research purposes we love using sites such as Society 6, Red Bubble and also some bigger shop sites such as Macy's, Lululemon, Nordstrom etc. It can also be super helpful to check out what competitor designers are doing in their business as well (just make sure to pick the ones that are bringing in big income).

3. Keep it Simple, Yet Witty

CAD-CUT Heat Transfer Vinyl

Sometimes it is best to keep things simple. Keep the design on the message you wish to convey instead. A cluttered design would attract no attention to its details and instead look somewhat like an overkill. Simple clean designs often look a lot more professional and pleasing on the eye.

If humor could help to convey a message, don't hesitate to build a touch of humor into your design. A design that will get stuck in someone's mind after they have seen it, will always be more profitable than a boring no-impact design.

4. Clean Lines and Solid Textures in your Designs

Tee Shirt Design Ideas

While deciding on the layout, lines, color and texture for your designs, do concentrate on keeping it clean and bright with clear, straight lines. Solid colors are always better than a whole lot of shading or blends to make it pop!

PMS colors allow you to have a higher degree of accuracy and enables you to separate color or tonal saturation with ease and control. These factors, however, will significantly depend on your printer and of course, your budget.

5. Use Vector Artwork

Do consider going for Vector artworks rather than raster ones. A significant difference between the two is that Vectors can provide you adequate control when it comes to color separation. Also, the resultant prints will be clear and prominent, unlike rasters which can cause the pixels to blow up and blur out the design.

Here is a great guide on how to design vector artwork for tshirt design work.

6. Invest in Quality Brands

There are multiple ways of printing your design onto a shirt.

If you are using a printer, it is will be important to get a good printer to achieve fine design prints on fabric. If you don’t have a printer for the purpose, then do consider investing in one as soon as you can.

This is because no matter how good your artworks turn out to be, a printer can mess the entire thing up while transferring it on to the T-shirt. 

If you are using sublimation as your transfer method, make sure to do a few practise runs to become super familiar with your medium. Sublimation is great for those who wish to imbed the design with ink into the shirt.

Lastly, you can also think about using HTV, together with a quality heat press machine. In this method, your design will sit slightly above the shirt. Typically your decals will be limited to a few main colors, and often the decals are glossy.

Lastly, it will also be important to do some research and to invest in good quality shirts that fits your printing method. Here is a great post that lists all of our favorite blank t-shirt buys.

Certain Vital Points to Remember

Best Heat Press Machine Buyers Guide and Reviews
  • Do not flake on your originality and authenticity. Avoid plagiarising at all cost. Doing this can ruin your brand repute causing you to lose the trust and support of your customers.
  • Keep it simple, minimal and classy. Do not go overboard with any “tongue-in-the-cheek” humour. Keep it subtle sarcastic if you have to. Avoid vulgarity at all cost and even if you think it’s funny.
  • Do not hurt any sentiments with what you put on your t-shirt. Avoid any controversial topic or theme for your tshirt design. Also, it’s better to not go for any political bias with designs.
  • Always consider your idea before you start with the process of turning it into a design for your t-shirt. Once you put it on fabric, you can’t reverse the process to remove it. It’s always a good idea to go for a computerized representation of what you plan to do. 
  • If you intend to sell your t-shirts, keep it nominal so that you reach to a wider public. This will also help you gain a positive reputation and reflect you in a considerate light when it comes to brand-recognition.
  • Do not flake on the quality of your product. This is the greatest mistake you can ever make. Use premium grade products. It will ensure the durability and a lasting finish for your product.
  • If you’re considering a brand-recognition and introduction event at a conference or at a larger gig than the usual, then creating an event t-shirt with memorabilia for the participants is going to be a huge point of attraction. This is because it will give them something to remember the experience fondly and reconnect with the experience of it.


And that wraps up our post on how to come up with the coolest designs you could get for your T-Shirt. We would love to see your design or to hear about any questions you might have. If you are ready to start your t-shirt business, here is our great guide on how to start a t-shirt printing business.

Want some HTV or infusible ink inspiration? Check out our blog post for some other Cricut tee shirt ideas!

Thanks for reading!

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