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So you love the color pink, but maybe you are scared about whether this pink Craft Heat Press will offer the same quality and professional results as some of the other popular heat presses on the market!?

Today we wanted to run through why this adorable pink Craft Heat Press is such a big hit with the ladies. Our pink Craft Heat Press review below will show you why we love this nifty machine so much!

Craft Heat Press Review

Here are some reasons why the Craft Heat Press is such a great buy!

Craft CP912-120 Heat Press 9' x 12'

1. Small Size

The Pink Press is the perfect size for females. It is a great size (9″ x 12″), but it is small enough to keep out of the way in the craft room and small enough to port around to crafty group gatherings.

2. It is Lightweight

This heat press weighs only 35 lbs. It is truly lightweight.

So no more struggling to move that big heavy heat press to a working table every single time you want to use it. This heat press is light enough for any girl to carry around with ease.

3. Pressure Adjustment

Honestly, if you are still using an iron instead of a heat press, it might be time to upgrade this lovely pink heat press, simply because of the fact that you can adjust the pressure.

Stop wasting your energy and muscle strength by trying to apply pressure manually with an iron, when a machine can do all the hard work for you!

Whilst we are on the topic of an iron, you might like this blog post of ours that looks at the comparison between a heat press vs. an iron.

4. Accurate Temperature Control

This heat press might be pink and look girlie, but it will deliver precise temperature control for every press. The heating element in this press is accurate and ensures that the temperature is always evenly distributed.

What is even better is that the heat press has a digital temperature display. So handy as each type of vinyl requires a different temperature setting, something that you can easily set with this press.

5. Timer Makes it Easy to Use

Now you know that as females we all love to multitask right!? Why do one thing when you can knock 3 things out in the same amount of time?

Fortunately, this heat press has a digital timer that you can set. Simply read the vinyl packet instructions and set the time and DING you are done!

6. Professional Quality

Now, remember how we questioned whether this pink heat press machine will deliver the same professional quality as other machines? You will be happy to know that this machine is well worth the investment. It delivers quality long-lasting results.

No peeling of vinyl from shirts if you follow the instructions correctly.

7. One-Year Warranty

Now I also know that as females, we often question whether we are making the right decision when it comes to purchasing more expensive items. A lovely selling point on this Craft Heat Press is that it comes with a one-year warranty.

So you can rest assured that this machine has been made to last, and if for any reason anything does go wrong, you will be backed by a full 1-year warranty. Great for peace of mind!

Now, of course, you can't just buy a machine because it is cute or simply because it happens to be pink. So I hope that we have proved to you that whilst this machine is ‘girlie', it is also tough and professional.

Still not feeling convinced? Here is a great video to give you a better idea of what the Pink Heat Press is all about:

If you have decided that this is the machine for you, you can either grab it from Happy Crafters or from Amazon.

Decided that this is NOT the machine for you? Don't worry, we have a fabulous guide that will help you find the best heat press for home use. Go check it out!

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