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What’s the Best Vinyl for Car Decals? Here’s Your Answer!


Car decals are typically used in business situations and so it comes as no surprise that those business owners want to invest in the best vinyl for cars to ensure that looks professional.

We want our car decals to turn heads for all the right reasons, not because the vinyl is fading in the sun and peeling from exposure to harsh weather conditions.

There aren't a lot of types of vinyl on the market that meets all the needs that are required from an oudoor vinyl such as car vinyl. It can be pretty complicated to pick the right vinyl for car decals.

Today we wanted to outline a type of vinyl that is brilliant for car decal use. We’ll take a look at a few criteria you need to consider before understanding why this vinyl is the best vinyl for car decals. 


What Kind of Vinyl to Use for Car Decals

What's the Best Vinyl for Car Decals

So before we talk about which vinyl is the best for cars, let's focus on some really important criteria:

  • How durable does the vinyl have to be? Is this a temporary decal or one that you would expect to last for many years?
  • Which part of the car do you wish to adhere the decal on?
  • What kind of surface is it?
  • What sort of conditions will the vinyl need to be able to withstand? Is it parked undercover or does it stand outside in the sun all day long? Do you drive on dirt roads or gravel roads?

There are a lot of vinyl varieties and brands, some types of vinyl are expensive but don't really last. It might be because of an unsuitable surface, the quality, or a couple of other reasons.

It is really important to invest in a vinyl that was designed for outside use and one that can withstand harsh weather conditions of snow, cold, heat and rain. We don't want a vinyl that will start fading too quickly and we need a vinyl that has a strong adhesive so that it doesn't peel.

We also need the vinyl to be able to withstand detergents that will be used when you need to wash the car.


Vinyl for Car Decal Buyers Guide

So let's get straight into answering your question, what vinyl should you use for DIY car decals?

Oracal 651, 751 or 951

Oracal 651 Adhesive Vinyl

Oracal 651, 751 and 951 vinyl ticks all the boxes that are required from a car vinyl decal. This brand makes superior-quality vinyl.

  • All three of these types of vinyl are permanent outdoor vinyl.
  • They all have a strong adhesive and has a silicone-coated surface, which means that it can withstand harsh weather conditions easily.
  • It is also water-resistant which makes it perfect for cars.
  • It also comes in a range of colors and is easy to work with.
  • Your vinyl cutter will be able to slice through this vinyl easily, the vinyl is easy to weed and easy to wrap around corners.

Even though these vinyl is permanent vinyl, you should still be able to remove the vinyl without leaving adhesive marks behind (or damaging the paint finish of your car) if you follow the correct procedures.

The Best Vinyl for Car Decals

The differences between these types of vinyl really down to their price points and how long you would expect the vinyl to last.

Oracal 651 is the most affordable option, so if you are only getting started with car decals, you might wish to start here.


How Long Will the Car Decal Last?

DIY Car Decal Vinyl

The duration of the life you will get out of the vinyl decal depends on where you live, which type of weather conditions it will be exposed to and what sort of heat it will have to withstand.

  • Oracal 651 is meant to last 6 years
  • Oracal 751 (which is at least 2 x more expensive than 651) is meant to last for 8 years
  • Oracal 951 (the most expensive vinyl) is meant to last for 12 years

I have seen Oracal 651 used on boats, trailers and cars and after 4 years the decals still look close to new.

The beauty is that you need to remember that most businesses update their logos as time goes by and many people choose to refresh their logos by choice (even before the vinyl starts to show wear and tear).

Can you Use Oracal 651 on Car Windows?

If you’re also wondering what vinyl to use for car window decals, don’t worry. You can use this vinyl for car windows as well. The Oracal 651 vinyl is quite versatile. It will stick perfectly on any window surface.


What are the Negatives About Using Oracal Vinyl on Cars?

Vinyl for Car Windows and Car Decals

Whilst Oracal vinyl happens to be one of the best vinyl to use on cars, it is not perfect.

The best way to preserve the vinyl decal would be to ensure that your car is parked undercover and does not stand outside in the full sun all day long.

Cars that tend to be outside in full sun every day, will often see the vinyl shrink over the years. Which means that you might have to remove your decal and replace it with a new one to freshen it up (at least it is an affordable vinyl so this is not the worst news).

The vinyl might also create small cracks where the heat seems worse, such as on windows.

If your car will be standing outside in full sun each day, I would highly recommend steering clear of vinyl and looking towards using paint for your decal instead.

However, I love using vinyl, because you can remove it an replace your decals with newly updated decals.

I have seen Oracal 651 vinyl looks like new after 4 years on cars that were used for business purposes, however when used on an industrial truck it lasted only 18 months – it really comes down to how you use your vehicle.


The Best Vinyl for Car Decals

car vinyl decal

The best vinyl for your car will truly depend on your own individual situation. Each situation has its own needs and merits, opportunity costs and requirements involved.

If you can foresee changes in your business in the near future, or if you typically sell and purchase new cars for your purchase every 5 years – I would highly recommend that you grab the most cost-effective option.

1. Oracal 651 Car Decal Vinyl

Oracal 651 is the cheapest vinyl to apply on cars. Whilst it is a short-term vinyl (6 years), we find that most people have to do repairs to their cars, update the decal or even sell their cars during that period of time, so short-term vinyl is perfect for most customers.

I would also typically choose to use Oracal 651 on car windows as this type of vinyl is easier to remove in comparison to 751 and 951.

This is the most popular option and it is a great vinyl to get started with.

We love transferring our Oracal 651 decal designs with R-TAPE. R-Tape is a high tack rubber adhesive transfer tape which works perfectly with Oracal 651 vinyl.


2. Oracal 751 Car Decal Vinyl

If your car really goes through hard work, stands outside in the sun, has to handle gravel worksites etc. you might wish to upgrade to the higher-quality Oracal 751 vinyl. It comes at a premium price but will withstand harsher conditions better than the 651 does.


3. Oracal 951 Car Decal Vinyl

Oracal 951 is really for permanency, it is a super pricey vinyl and it is really hard to come by. We are thinking REAL long term here and most businesses have changes way too often for the cost of this vinyl to be viable. We don't bother with 951 as we really feel that 651 and 751 are long-lasting enough for our needs.


I hope you know have a better understanding about what type of vinyl is used for car decals.


If you are still feeling confused, I would urge you to purchase Oracle 651 for your first car decal. The 651 is the most affordable type of vinyl that is suitable for DIY car decals. It is easy to use, easy to weed and wraps around corners beautifully. It does a fabulous job of withstanding harsh conditions and has an outdoor life of 6 years.

It is the vinyl we use 80% of the time when we design car decals and I know that you will be happy with it too.

Look out soon for a post that we will share on how to apply your car vinyl, as well as how to correctly remove the vinyl when it is time for a refresh.

Till later,

Sam xxx

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