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Are you new to vinyl cutting? If so, you might be looking for some vinyl blogs to follow to get some ideas, inspiration, and guides to help you with your new craft.

The following vinyl cutter blogs on our list are all well-established brands that have excellent knowledge about how best to work with vinyl. Add them to your reading list, you won't be disappointed!

5 Best Vinyl Blogs to Follow

These are the best vinyl craft blogs to follow to help kickstart your new passion for working with vinyl. They all share some helpful resources, tutorials, and inspiration to get those crafty juices flowing.

1. Silhouette School

Silhouette School Vinyl Blog

If you have or love the Silhouette branded vinyl cutters, you will totally love their fabulous blog. The Silhouette School Blog contains bucketloads of tutorials, how-tos, video classes, free files to download, and more!

They also have a paid membership called Silhouette U where you can get access to live Q and A sessions, commercial cut files as well as ad-free video tutorials. This membership will also give you access to their private Facebook group as well.

We’ve got a lot of value from their Silhouette for Business resources in the past, and would also recommend that you check out their paid membership options for Silhouette U — it includes ad-free video tutorials, commercial cut files, weekly office hours, and live Q and A sessions.

There’s also a private Facebook group to really inspire a sense of community.

2. Cricut Blog

Cricut Vinyl Craft Blog

For the Cricut fans, the Cricut Inspiration Blog is the place for you to hang out. They share regular vinyl craft inspiration projects, as well as tutorials, videos, and news about the latest trends and products.

I know that I can spend hours getting lost in those beautiful shirts, bags, hats, and other items that they decorate with their Cricut Vinyl.

We also have a whole hub dedicated to all things Cricut. Click here to find Cricut Machine reviews, buyers guides, tutorials, project ideas, and more!

3. Cutting for Business Blog

Cutting for Business Vinyl Cutting Blog

A brilliant resource for vinyl craft fans is the Cutting for Business Blog.

Want to take your craft beyond simply being a hobby to actually making money from it? Then this site is for you.

They have resources about how to turn your hobby into your business. There are articles with helpful advice, as well as money-making ideas.

Learn how to manage a Facebook or Etsy shop and how to navigate and understand copyright and trademark terms.

For those who are not interested in turning their hobby into a business, you can still bookmark this site as they often share some gorgeous free cut files for you to download.

4. Joy's Life Blog

Joy's Life Vinyl Cutting Craft Blog

After a website that has a mix of resources for you? Joy's Life has a whole section dedicated to vinyl tutorials. On her site, you can find machine reviews, comparisons, free SVG files, tutorials and so much more!

We love her entire website where you can find inspiration on things such as home decor, cutting machines, sewing, food & recipes, and more.

5. The Best Vinyl Cutters Blog

The Best vinyl Cutters

Of course, you can find loads of information on vinyl cutting here on our very own website.

The best place to get started is by checking out our guide to the best vinyl cutting machine.

Once you have your machine sorted, you can start browsing through all of our helpful tutorials, inspirational posts, and vinyl project ideas here.

Here are some of our most popular blog posts:

Do you have any vinyl craft blogs that you love and follow closely? We are always keen for some new sites to follow, so please leave your ideas and suggestions in the comments below.

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