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Best 16×24 Heat Press Machines of 2021 Reviews and Buyers Guide


Depending on their purpose, heat press machines come in various sizes. If you want to build a business printing T-shirts of any size, you should opt for a heat press that has a 16” x 24” pod dimension. These machines also let you transfer your design to a wide range of other objects.

In this article, we will look at the best 16 x 24 heat press machines and all the factors you need to look out for whilst researching to find the best one to buy. These presses are expensive and can easily cost you around $1500, so it is important that you feel confident in your decision before you hit the purchase button.

It is fortunate that there are not a wide range of presses available at the 16 x 24″ size, so it helps to make the decision process a bit simpler. Below we have included the machines that you can find on Amazon.


Guide to Buying to the Best Heat Press Machine 16×24 in Size

Below you will find a short guide containing some crucial information on what you should look out for in your new heat press machine.

Why Should you Buy a Heat Press 16×24 in Size?

This is a big heat press that you can use to imprint your design on many different substrates. With it, you can design medium-sized banners, flags, pillows, and various other objects.

Unlike small heat presses, you can apply a larger application to your t-shirt or working with XXL shirts and full-shirt designs. However, these machines are less portable and aren’t ideal for hobbyists. Here is a great discussion on a forum about which larger sized heat press to buy.

What is the Cost?

Depending on the features, warranty, shipping, and other parameters, these machines can cost around $1500. Choose wisely depending on your budget and preferences.

Can I Use These for Business?

A lot of T-shirt and other crafting businesses use heat press machines 16 x 24 in size. They are affordable, efficient, and they are perfect to begin a serious production. There are even bigger machines you can look at if you expect high turnover, but the price may be too high in that case.


16×24 Heat Press Machine Review

Below you will find all the top 16 x 24 heat presses currently for sale. We will look at their features, as well as discuss the pros and cons in order to help you find the best choice for you.

1. YUCHENG TECH 16×24 Heat Press Review

This is a great heat press if you plan to imprint many T-shirts over a short amount of time. It is a quality machine with a hot Teflon pad which protects the clothes and other substrates from burning.

Thanks to the smart LED screen, you can adjust the temperature and the timer. With a smart thermostat controller, you’ll always know where you are in the heating press, and you can set a temperature limit depending on the type of fabric you’re imprinting.

To start, you should manually adjust the press with a convenient handle. Then adjust the temperature and timer and let the machine do the job. The timer will beep to tell you that it’s done.

The aluminium plate distributes the heat evenly along the surface of the press, so you won’t see unequal imprints on your t-shirts and other objects. The press heats up to 490°F, which is enough for most types of substrate but may be limiting for some users.

Note that this heat press takes up some space. It weighs over 120 lbs., so before you decide to get it, you should have a suitable space for it.


  • Smart LED screen to adjust temperature and timer
  • A built-in thermostat
  • Aluminium heating plate distributes heat equally


  • A bit expensive
  • Maximum temperature doesn’t go beyond 490°F



2. Ving Swing-Away Heat Press Machine Review

The design of this 16 x 24 heat press machine is convenient if you want to use a tight workspace. It’s narrow with a swing-away design that you can move away once it finishes the transfer. This way, you will be able to avoid any burns and injuries, and working in a tight space will become less frustrating.

The shirts you work with will remain flat once you apply pressure and the machine will imprint your design without mistakes.

A small digital scanner on the side takes care of the time and temperature. A countdown timer will warn you when the work is done. Just move the handle away, remove the T-shirt, and you can immediately prepare a new transfer.

This press is popular for designing T-shirts, clothes, pillows, and bags, but you can also use it to imprint ceramic and metal material. The temperature goes up to 750° Fahrenheit.

Finally, all the circuits are gathered in a box which makes them accessible and easy to check and repair. You’ll have no trouble replacing wires and other parts if it ever breaks. Unfortunately, there’s a higher chance of that than with some other models.


  • Swing-away handle
  • Good for various material
  • Easy maintenance
  • Affordable


  • Questionable durability



3. ePhotoInc 16×24 Heat Press Review

The ePhotoInc is a powerful large heat press machine 16 x 24 in size, and it can reach a temperature of up to 500°F. It has a simple clam-shell mechanism. Lift up the handle, place the substrate between two pads, and press. The handle is lightweight and easy to use. It locks in place when you hit the pressure button, which will then start the transfer.

This heating press also has its own display screen, where you can manage the time and temperature. The timer counts up to 999 seconds before it starts beeping to let you know it’s finished. After the process finishes, the heater turns off and the pressure stops. You just lift the handle and take out the finished product.

If you decide to purchase this heating press, you get a 90-day seller warranty. It really isn't the best 16×24 heat press machine, but it is WAY cheaper than the other two presses on the list, so if your budget is really limited, then this is the way to go. 


  • Heats up to 500°F
  • Ideal for various materials
  • 90-Day seller warranty
  • Free shipping with Amazon Prime membership


  • The handle is pretty hard to press down
  • Can't add any attachments



Verdict: The Best 16×24 Heat Press

There’s a lot that these machines have to offer. Whether you plan to craft for hobby or fun, or you intend to do it commercially, all three machines should do a great job.

If you prioritize space, you should look to get Ving’s Swing-Away heat press, which is narrow and can fit smaller rooms due to its clamshell design. The downside, in this case, is that it might not be durable enough for extensive use. With YUCHENG Tech, you get a reliable heat-press, it is great quality and suitable for business use. If your budget is limited, you can start with the ePhotoInc and upgrade when your business starts taking off.

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