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Mommy Daughter Scrapbook Layout Tutorial [with Handmade Material Flowers]


Sometimes you manage to capture a photo that just melts your heart! Our designer, Jolene, grabbed this photo of herself and her little Lily. Totally in love with that smug look on Lily's face!

Mommy and Daughter Photo

She applied a slightly pink filter to the photo in photoshop and this help set up the color scheme that she wanted to work within her layout.

Mommy Daughter Scrapbook Layout Tutorial Instructions

This beautiful mommy & daughter layout features some beautiful buntings.

Buntings can create an interesting border and is a great way to step away from the torn paper edge border, or the scallop border, or that ink border that you see everywhere.

Banners are a great way of providing a detailed border to add interest to the layers or photos of a layout.

It is also just a great way of framing that all-important photo.

Step-By-Step Creating a Scrapbook Layout

Supply List:

  • Bazzill Cardstock
  • Patterned Paper
  • Old Book Paper
  • 1 x Sticky Backed Material Paper
  • Embellishment Stickers
  • Prima Marketing roses
  • Crochet Flowers
  • Stampendous stamps
  • Versacube Ink
  • Pop Dots
  • Large Circle Punch or Die Cutting Machine

Step-by-Step Instructions:

Step 1: Cut nine patterned paper roses from a patterned paper. Alternatively, you can use a Scrapbook cutter machine (find the best die cutting machine here) to create some custom flowers for you. 

We will be using these flowers at the top and bottom of the feature photo.

Step 2: Cut 2 wavy strips of patterned paper strips.

Step 3: Adhere the photo to sit to the middle right of the page and position the flowers and wavy borders to sit slightly over the photo (see photo for a clearer idea on this).

Step 4: Create two triangle banners and stick them down using pop dots.

Step 5: Hand-make some roses by circle punching three circles to be about the same size as the completed roses.

Cut three strips of patterned paper from the sticky-backed material paper.

With the sticky back exposed, fold both of the edges in towards the middle creating a firm material strip to hold the roses. Tie a knot in one end.

Step 6: Place liquid glue or hot glue on the punched circle base and place the knot of your in the middle.

Start with a tight roll, which creates the center of the rose, build up the rose by rolling the material around your center twist and roll, and repeat.

When you are happy with the look of the rose, cut off the remaining material. Repeat the process and create two more roses.

Flower TutorialHow to make your own material flowerMaterial Flower Tutorial

Step 7: Cut off any exposed cardstock from your punched circle base and add a button, brad, or bling in the center of your flower if you wish.

Step 8: Add two of the roses to the top left corner of the photo and then add a beautiful crochet flower in the middle of the two roses.

close ups of handmade material flowers

Step 9: Add a quote embellishment sticker to sit over the top of the photo and right next to your material roses.

Step 10: Adhere the other material rose to the right of the rose border and below the photo. Adhere the Prima rose next to the fabric rose.

Step 11: Use the Stampendous stamp to stamp out a heart onto old book paper and once dry, cut it out. Add the heart to the layout, gently tuck the left corner slightly under the right bottom of the photo.

Step 12: Add the title embellishment sticker or use alphabet stickers to create a title.

Step 13: Write your journaling on some Bazzill cardstock. Cut these up into strips and adhere them don on the top left of the photo.

And there you have one beautiful layout complete. Buntings work really well on a number of scrapbook layouts. I really love using them on a birthday or party-themed layouts and they are brilliant for baby scrapbook pages as well.

Have you tried using buntings? We would love to see your work!

If you love tutorials, you can find more step-by-step posts in our papercraft section of our blog.

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